Porto Alegre : Brazil’s Most Important Port City That Nurtures a Vibrant Culture

Porto Alegre : Brazil’s Most Important Port City That Nurtures a Vibrant Culture

Porto Alegre is considered to be Brazil’s most important port city that played a key role during the South American free-trade agreement. Soaring at the banks of Lagoa dos Patos, it has helped the region benefit from development projects. Most of its essence has been preserved which is present in its neoclassical architecture. Tourists opting for sightseeing in Porto Alegre are amazed by what it has to offer. Below are some of the places.

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Porto Alegre : Brazil’s Most Important Port City That Nurtures a Vibrant Culture

1. PUCRS Science and Technology Museum

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul have established this science and technology museum. The sole purpose of the establishment is to preserve and disseminate scientific knowledge through the collections and displays within the museum. Science education is the main agenda for development. This science and technology museum offers interactive exhibits to its sightseeing visitors which are fun and unique. Teachers and students get to enjoy special discounts which is a plus. If you have a curiosity for science, this is the ideal destination for you.

2. Guaiba Lake (River)

Guaiba Lake receives its water from 4 main river sources. This lake is a great spot to watch the sunset, especially by the nearby bar. It is considered a beach due to its size and nature. For boat trips around the lake, you can book tickets online or purchase upon arrival. One gets to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding dwellings by the banks, among other beautiful forms of nature. There is a bike path by the lake which is ideal especially if traffic has been closed for the community weekends.

3. Fundacao Ibere Camargo

Photo by Eduardo Aigner

Fundacao Ibere Camargo is a rich state museum in Porte Alegre. The outlook of the building is very beautiful having an incredibly unique design. This art museum houses collections form Camargo who is a talented artist from Porto Alegre. There are a variety of exhibits that are continuously on display giving you a great opportunity to explore. The sad part, however, is that sightseeing visitors need to explore during Fridays and Saturdays as it remains closed during the other days. The good part about this is that admission remains free during the days it is open.

4. Moinhos de Vento Park

Moinhos de Vento Park is a beautiful people’s park in Porto Alegre. It is situated close to a lake making it even more captivating. On a regular day, you are bound to find some ducks and turtles in the water. Locals like taking their children to play at the park due to its natural and peaceful feel. It is also a great place to people watch as you enjoy a quiet book or just relaxing. During the night, the park transforms into an entertainment hub as it hosts events regularly.

5. Mercado Publico de Porto Alegre

Mercado Publico de Porto Alegre is a public marketplace in Porto Alegre. There are so many items you are able to get on sale. The area is usually very busy flooded with customers and merchants. The surrounding is mostly restaurants and stores full of local objects available for purchase. If you wish to carry some handcrafts home, this is the ideal stop to shop around for some good deals, especially on an afternoon. You will also find many spices and dry foods on sale which can be interesting to buy. On a hot day, you can buy ice cream from some of the vendors as you continue to browse the market.

6. Arena do Gremio

Arena do Gremio is the newest stadium in Porto Alegre set to be a modern advancement to the city. It is a great place to watch some local football matches as well as interact with soccer enthusiast alike. The stadium can host over 60,000 spectators making it ideal for large matches. Within the vicinity is a club shop where fans can but branded merchandise to take home. Aside from watching the games, tours of the grounds and stadium are provided to sightseeing tourists. You will be able to appreciate the upgrades of the stadium from the former.

7. Theatro Sao Pedro

Photo by pt.wikipedia.org

Theatro Sao Pedro is a small yet historically acknowledged theatre house in Porto Alegre that maintains its neo-classical feel. The place was founded in the 18th century but still maintains some great acoustics. Many musical performances take place such as international dance festivals, orchestras, among other performances. The sitting space is however limited to 600 people. The theatre is famous for it acoustics which provides a lively experience. One is also able to hire the venue for private concerts. There is a food court as well that is also great for offering some good food varieties.

8. Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral used to be once a baroque cathedral that was initially built in 1779. It has recently been renovated to give it a more modern feel to it but still remains a great place for worship services. The church set up is very interesting having many statues surrounding it. Also due to the fact that it is located on the same square as some state buildings. Once upon a time, this hill church provided great 360 panoramic views of Porto Alegre and sightseeing tourists would get to enjoy this. Due to modernization, it is not possible anymore but still, the charm remains.

9. Gasometer Factory

Gasometer Factory is an old thermoelectric powerhouse located near Guaiba lake in Porto Alegre. The powerhouse had been serving the city of Porto Alegre from 1928 up until 1974. It only gained recognition as an important cultural landmark for the state in 1991 of which it has then been preserved. Most people coming to jog or walk along the lake get the opportunity to make a stop at this ancient factory and get to see what once was. As much as there's not much to tour or discover, it still remains an important aspect of Porto Alegre.

10. Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana

Photo by Circuito Fora do Eixo

Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana is an artsy cultural hub and hotel that was once the home of famous poet and writer Mario Quintana. It has been converted into an art hub where various artsy workshops, expositions among other interesting culture have been spread across floors. The walls of the place are very colorful with a picturesque site. The tables in the hotel are also well decorated setting the mood for a great meal. The venue is ideal for some appetizers and cold beers. The weekends are deal due to the live shows that take place after 7 pm.

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The progressive politics faced by Porto Alegre is what has made it blossom into this vibrant art and music scene. The transportation hubs have long been improved and many places revitalized to what they are now. There is no doubt that Porto Alegre will meet your desire for exploration with all its sightseeing bundles.