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City CodeCGQ
Popular Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
Flight Time14~19 hours

The flight time to Changchun is approximately 14~19 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Changchun.

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Changchun city is located on the north eastern part of China. Changchun is the largest and also serves as the capital city of Jing Province. Changchun city has a population is  7,674,439 people and an area of 20,604 square kilometers.Economy of Changchun is maintained by processing of agricultural products, construction materials and automobile production.Changchun has a well developed railway and road network that makes transportation of goods as well as people movement easy.  A ticket is needed for those travelling to Changchun and more so a return ticket so as to be assured of flights in Changchun. A ticket is needed when visiting tourist attraction sites in Changchun.

Voice of Travelers to Changchun

My favorite city

My name is Marjorie and I love travelling especially to Changchun. One day, my husband came home with two tickets to Changchun in China. it was a joyous moment moment for me. My husband had managed to get a discounted ticket to Changchun from one of the many airlines that fly to Changchun. I kept my ticket safe and my husband also was careful to take care of his ticket. We departed from Haneda Airport in Tokyo with Air China after officials checked my ticket as well as my husband's ticket to our destination in Changchun. The flight to Changchun was very comfortable with excellent service. We landed at Changchun Airport and were driven to our hotel. The next day we visited  Changchun city and other sites where we bought a ticket to enter. We stayed in Changchun for two days and returned home a happy couple.

Wonderful trip

My name is Peter and travelling has always been my passion. I work for a multinational company and my role allows me to travel occasionally. One of our branches is in Changchun and was required to travel there. I have never been to Changchun so I was happy when I got the ticket. I departed from Heathrow Airport with a ticket in my hand and flew with British Airways whose service was excellent. On landing I took a taxi to my hotel.The following day after my final meeting, I had dinner at a club listening to music. The next day I went to The sculpture park in Changchun where I bought a ticket and also visited the museum after purchasing a ticket. I returned home the following day after confirming my ticket at Changchun.

Changchun Travel FAQs

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Changchun?

A. There are several parks, museums and other tourist attractions in Changchun. The major tourist attraction sites include Puppet Emperor's Palace (Wei Huang Gong), Jingyue Pool, South Lake Park, World Sculpture Park, Zoological and Botanical Garden of Changchun, Shengli Park of Changchun, The Museum of The Imperial Palace of Manchukuo, Changchun Geological Palace Museum and Hongqi Culture Museum. Ensure you visit these tourist attraction centers once you get your air ticket for Changchun.

Q Which airline offer the best service to Changchun?

Some airlines may not care much about their services to their customers but these are normally very few. However, to find out airlines that offer good service to changchun one can check the reviews from people who have used flights to Changchun in the past. If the reviews are not good or fair the person travelling should be cautious before they buy a ticket. Most airlines strive to give good service to their customers with a ticket to ensure repeat buying of a ticket. One can also ask questions at the point of buying a ticket from the ticket seller.

Q.When is the best time to travel to Changchun?

A.Changchun has four climate seasons which are normally humid and characterized by monsoon winds. Changchun has long winters that can last up to five months from November to March. Winters in Changchun are cold, windy and dry. Summers are windy, hot and humid while spring normally runs for a short period a short period. Heavy rains in Changchun are experienced around June to August. When choosing the best time to travel to Changchun it is wise to check the weather before you buy a ticket. Weather conditions can also affects flights to Changchun.

Changchun - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Changchun International Airport ・Sanya Phoenix International Airport     ・Beijing Capital International Airport     ・Hong Kong Internatioanl Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Changchun

Changchun international Airport is 31.2 kilometers on the north eastern side of Changchun city. Changchun Airport serves many airlines that fly across China and other parts of the world. Airlines include Air China, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines among others. A ticket can be accessed from the airline offices IN Changchun or anywhere else in the world, a ticket is also available from the online websites. Changchun Airport hosts both local and international flights  to and from Changchun. Changchun has many visitors and those travelling need to ensure they have a ticket and should confirm the ticket to ensure validity before travelling to Changchun.