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City CodeTNA
Popular Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
  • Shandong Airlines
Flight Time14~19 hours

The flight time to Jinan is approximately 14~19 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Jinan.

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Jinan which was formerly romanized as Tsinan is the capital of Shandong province which is located in Eastern China has been inhabited for over 4000 years.Jinan has played a significant role in the history of the region and it has evolved into a major economic, administration and transportation hub. Jinan has a population of 7,067,900 people as of 2014 with the urban population at 4,693,700. Its area is 3304 km for both the urban and metro regions. It is commonly referred to as the spring city because it is famous for its 72 artesian springs.

Voice of Travelers to Jinan

Honeymoon trip to Jinan

My name is Emmy and I have always been a fan of travelling. I had been to many places before my wedding but China was not one of them. Good thing is that my husband wanted to visit a place we had both not visited before. After our wedding we proceeded to book a ticket from the website of the Asiana Airlines that would take us to Jinan.It had attractive rates.We finally traveled and the city of Jinan is nothing short of amazing. We got a good hotel within jinan so that we could visit as many places as we could within the short time we were there. We finally got to see the famous Shandong Provincial Museum which has amazing historical artifacts. We also went to the Quancheng square and we got to learn a lot about the city in addition to having fun.

School trip to Jinan

Our history teacher has always been the best. We requested him to take us for a trip to Jinan because we had learnt so much about it and it sounded like a good city. He booked a ticket for the interested students from Xiamen Airlines websites and we were so excited. I mean who would not be excited to visit Jinan? We finally got there and Jinan is quite refreshing. There are so many historical monuments and wonderful tourist attractions.People buy a ticket that is expensive but it is worth it.The best place we went to in Jinan was the Daming Lake Park which is the biggest lake in Jinan. I would love to get a ticket back to Jinan and explore other places because the city is breathtaking.

Jinan Travel FAQs

Q.How is the weather in Jinan?

A.The region has a semi-tropical monsoon climate. However, if you want to visit, the best time is between March to November because the weather conditions are perfect as the weather is moderate. Get a ticket during this season.

Q. What are the best tourist attraction sites in Jinan?

A. The best tourist attractions in Jinan include Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Five Dragon Pool, Quancheng Square, Lingyan Temple, Quancheng Square and Red Leaves Valley.

Q. What are the best hotels in Jinan?

A. The best hotels in Jinan include Hotel Grand Mercure Jinan Sunshine, Silver Plaza Quancheng, Sheraton Jinan Hotel, Shandong Grand Tower Hotel, Liangyou Fulin Hotel, Hotel Sofitel Jinan Silver Plaza, Nishi Haitai Hotel, Shungeng Hillview Hotel, Mineral Hotel, 济南万达凯悦酒店, GreenTree Inn, Blue Horizon Hotel Jinan, JJ Inns - Jinan Daming Lake, 汉庭快捷酒店 and Tianfa Shunhe Business Hotel. Get an air ticket right after getting the right accommodation.

Jinan - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Jinan International Airport ・Xianen International Airport ・San Diego International Airport ・Liutang International Airport

Flight Routes to Jinan

The major airport in Jinan is Jinan International Airport. There are other airlines whereby individuals can acquire a ticket to Jinan. The popular airlines where one can get a ticket to Jinan are Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and Xiamen Airlines. The process of acquiring a ticket from these airlines is simple and straightforward. One can acquire a ticket from several sources in their respective countries.