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City CodeXNN
Popular Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
  • Shanghai Airlines
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Xining is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Xining.

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Xining is located on the western part of China. Xining also serves as the capital Qinghai province as Xining is the largest within the Tibetan Plateau. Xining has a population of 2,208,708 people and an area of 7,372 square kilometers.The economy of Xining is maintained by light processing industries such as wool spinning and textiles.Xining has a well developed railway and road network that makes transportation of goods as well as people movement easy. A ticket is needed for those travelling to Xining and can be obtained from the local stations.

Voice of Travelers to Xining

Visiting My Wife In Xining

My wife is a Journalists hence tends to travel a lot.She had been given a story to cover in Xining and had been there for about 10 months now.Her company offered a free flight ticket together with accommodation for one extra person as her stay was extended. As we were miles apart and she missed me, she decided to give me the air ticket.As it was an open ticket , I could travel at my convenience.On arrival she picked me from the airport. We used a local Xining taxi to get around the city.I was able to visit the Xining Dongguan Mosque . Being a photographer , this was a beautiful addition to my collection.I spent two weeks in Xining, on my return I was given a Discount by China Southern Airlines on my next ticket in the event I was to visit Xining again.

Trip to Xining for my son's wedding

My son left for Xining immediately after college as it was one of his dream travel locations. A ticket then was way cheaper than now. After a while , he was able to secure employment within the city. He had been sending photos of his girlfriend who is now his wife to be and he seemed happy to have found love in Xining. The wedding was about four months from when he sent me the invitation, He had booked me a ticket using France Air and I finally connected to Xining using China Eastern Airlines. It was a return ticket. On arrival , everything was in order. I got to enjoy some quality time with my son around the city before the big day. All in all the wedding was great and I enjoyed the tour around the whole city.With my ticket at hand I was ready to go back home.

Xining Travel FAQs

Q What are the tourist attractions in Xining?

A.There is a lot to see as a tourist in Xining. The main being cultural museums and Exotic zoos. Some of these attractions include Kumbum Monastery, Xining Dongguan Grand Mosque, Tibetan Plateau Wildlife Zoo, Xining Botanical Garden, Laji Mountain, Xining Nanchan Temple, Xining Nanshan Park (Southeast Gate and Qinghai Museum. A ticket is not needed for most places but incase you maybe required to have one ensure you buy the ticket from a legitimate source or at the venue.

Q. What are the most famous hotels in Xining?

A. The most booked hotels in Xining include Xining Sofitel, Qinghai Hotel, Wanda Realm Jining, Elan Xining Wangfujing Central, Xining Xiadu Yazhi Family Apartment, Elan Hotel Xining West Street, ZhuoEr Apartment-BeiDOu Gong, Quinlan Capsule Apartment, Lofts for Rent in Xining, Haolong Hotel, JI Hotel Yining Shanghai Town, Ganlanzhi Hotel and Shangjia Guesthouse, Once you get the air ticket ensure you book the right accommodation.

Q.What time / season is ideal to visit Xining?

A. The best time to visit Xining is the between May all the way to September. This is due to the favorable weather conditions.Also , many of the region's colorful festivals such as the Qinghai Tulip Festival occur during this time.A ticket can be higher days before the festivals , so get your ticket on time for a bargain. Also a return ticket is ideal than a one way ticket due to the rush in this season.

Xining - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Xining Caojiabao International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport ・Narita International Airport ・Beijing Capital International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Xining

Xining Cao Jiabao International Airport is located 30 km east of Xining and it serves Xining and Haidong, Qinghai, China. Xining Cao Jiabao International Airport gives service to various airlines including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines among others. A ticket can be secured for both local and international flights to Xining. When purchasing a ticket one can look for a discounted ticket on offer. It is also possible to get a ticket online , secure travel plans by getting a return ticket rather than a one way ticket.Also book your Xining ticket earlier for cheaper rates.