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City CodeNDG
Popular Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Shanghai Airlines
  • Air China
Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Qiqihar is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Qiqihar.


After Mudanjiang, Qiqihar is the second largest city in the Heilongjian province, located in northern China. There are five million inhabitants living both in Qiqihar and its surrounding area. Qiqihar was inhabited already in the antiquity.

Voice of Travelers to Qiqihar

Airfare ticket to Qiqhar to Seoul

I flew to Qiqihar last April for business. My flight to Qiqihar was from Seoul. I first thought I would have to get a ticket from Seoul to Beijing and then on to Qiqihar, but then I researched an online ticket portal and I found out about the flights directly from Seoul to Qiqihar. These flights were operated by Jeju Air. I bought, therefore, a ticket to fly to Qiqihar with Jeju. My trip in Qiqihar went just fine. To return, I found the ticket with Jeju Air from Qiqihar quite expensive, so I flew out of Qiqihar with Asiana Airlines which also operates flights from Qiqihar to Seoul. Both of these flights were just find, with good service, only Asiana Airlines has a somewhat more reasonably priced ticket.

Visiting Qiqhar on a city tour

I booked a tour of Qiqihar and other north Chinese cities. The tour did not include the airfare ticket, so I went online to find such a ticket to fly to Beijing from Hong Kong, and then on from Beijing to Qiqihar. As I did not find a ticket connecting the two cities, I had to by my first flight ticket from with China Air, and then I flew to Qiqihar with Hainan Airlines. Instead of one ticket, I paid for two then. I enjoyed both airlines though, they gave very good service. It was also easy to find the ticket on the ticket portal of the two airlines.

Qiqihar Travel FAQs

Q. How can I fly from Paris to Qiqihar?

A. If you not find a ticket for a direct flight from Paris to Qiqihar, then you can consider the following route: a return ticket Paris-Beijing-Paris with one airline, and the a return ticket to Qiqihar from Beijing with one of the local Chinese low cost airlines. This way you buy a return ticket for each lag of your journey. Ask your ticket agent for specials and discounts for flights to Qiqihar.

Q. Does it rain a lot in Qiqihar?

A. Qiqihar is a city which receives quite a lot of rain through its monsoons in the summer. Winters in Qiqihar are with a lot of windchill and quite dry. On the contrary, summers in Qiqihar are hot and fairly wet then. The best time to visit Qiqihar is in the autumn. This is when most of the tourists visit Qiqihar so you might find the airline ticket to Qiqihar more expensive than in other seasons.

Q. What are the highlights of Qiqihar, is it worth buying an airfare ticket when I am in China?

A.Qiqihar is a great city to visit and it is worth buying a ticket. Qiqihar has a great atmosphere with interesting architecture and historic facts. There is a Qiqihar Ice and Snow Event which is worth seeing in December, A mosque dating back to the Qinq Dynasty and the Zhalong Nature Reserve just outside of Qiqihar.

Qiqihar - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Qiqhar Sanjiazi Airport ・Beijing Capital International Airport ・Shanghai Pudon International Airport ・Seoul Incheon Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Qiqihar

The flights from Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport include destinations within China as well as the international flights. There are regular flights from Qiqihar airport to Beijing, Shanghai and other destinations. Charter flights from Seoul to Qiqihar are also on regular basis.