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City CodeYNT
Popular Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
  • Asiana Airlines
Flight Time14~20 hours

The flight time to Yantai is approximately 14~20 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Yantai.

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Yantai is a city located in north-eastern China. Yantai was known before as Zhifu. There are over two million inhabitants living in Yantai. Yantai has a large fisshing seaport.

Voice of Travelers to Yantai

Airfare ticket to Yantai from Delhi

I needed to fly to Yantai to see the fishing port. When I searched at the online ticket portals, I failed to find a ticket to fly directly to Yantai. Yantai was not included in the offer of any of the airlines features at the ticket portal. So I made a trip to the local ticket agency and the ticket agent there offered me a return ticket from Delhi to Shanghai and then another one from Shanghai to Yantai. This is how I eventually ended up buying my double lag ticket for Yantai. The ticket was issued with China Southern airlines which delivered great service for me. Yantai visit was great even if I would have preferred a ticket on a direct flight.

Visiting Yantai with a friend of mine

I lived in Singapore when I decided to pay a visit to my friend living in Yantai. I started searching for the ticket early as I wanted to fly out for Christmas. The ticket for a direct flight with China Eastern Airlines was beyond my reach. Much cheaper was the ticket with Hainan airlines to Beijing and then another ticket with Hainan Airlines to Yantai. I bought the second ticket them. Yantai was great in Christmas and we enjoyed it. I think I will come to Yantai again if I find a flight with a cheap ticket.

Yantai Travel FAQs

Q. How can I find an airfare ticket to Yantai from Singapore?

A. It is not possible, as of now, to fly from Singapore to Yantain directly. In this case, consider reasearching for an airfare ticket for the following route: Singapore-Beijing on one flight ticket, and then Beijing-Yantai on another ticket. You might fight one airline to do the two lags, for example the China Eastern airlines, and then you can purchase this ticket as a two-lagged ticket to Yantai. Remember that a return ticket to Yantai and back will be cheaper than if you buy the two routes each as a single ticket.

Q. What are the highlights of Yantai?

A. Yantai is a pleasant city to visit, especially in the summer. While being very industrial, Yantai has also a lot of charm. You can visit the Penglai City's Dan Cliffs and you should definitely spend a day in the Yantai fishing port. There are beaches near Yantai which can be enjoyed in the summer.

Q. How warm is Yantai in the summer?

A. The climate in Yantai provides for hot summers and quite cold winters. Yantai is the most enjoyable in March and April when there is a lot of sunshine and very little precipitation. If you come to Yantai in the summer, the temperatures can go up to 38 degrees Celsius. Visiting Yantai in July and August means also a lot of precipitation as these are the wettest months of the year.

Yantai - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Yantain Penglai International Airport ・Beijing Capital International Airport ・Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport ・Seoul Incheon International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Yantai

There are flights to Yantain from both domestic destinations as well as the international ones. International routes feature those from Seoul and Bangkok to Yantai. To fly to other Chinese cities from Yantai, there is an offer of several airlines with their regular flights to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.