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City CodeMDG
Popular Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Mudanjiang is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Mudanjiang.

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Mudanjiang is a large Chinese city located on the borders with North Korea. Mudanjiang has population of almost 3 million inhabitants. Mudanjiang is one of the most important cities located in north China.

Voice of Travelers to Mudanjiang

Airfare ticket to Mudanjiang from Vladivostok

I fly to Mudanjiang from time to time for business. Last time, I bought a return ticket to Mudanjiang with Aeroflot instead of China Air which I normally fly with. Flying with Aeroflot was a nice experience and their airfare ticket was cheaper than a ticket I normally get when flying with China Air. This might be because with China Air I first purchase a ticket to Beijing and then I fly on, on another ticket, to Mudanjiang. Mudanjiang is a pleasant city to spend some time in. If I find a cheap ticket with Aeroflot for Christmas, I might take my whole family to Mudanjiang.

Visiting Mudanjiang on a city tour

I booked a tour of Mudanjiang and other north Chinese cities. The tour did not include the airfare ticket, so I went online to find such a ticket to fly to Mudanjiang from Singapore. I did not fing a ticket connecting the two cities directly, so I finally bought a flight ticket from Singapore to Canton, and then I flew from Canton to Mudanjiang. Both flights were issued as if one ticket, so I did not have to claim my luggage until I reached Mudanjiang. I bought the airfare ticket with China Eastern Airlines and it was a great experience.

Mudanjiang Travel FAQs

Q. How can I fly from Moscow to Mudanjiang?

A. You might not find a ticket for a direct flight from Moscow to Mudanjiang, but you can condider the following route: a return ticket Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow with one airline, and the a return ticket Vladivostok-Mudanjiang-Vladivostok with Aeroflot. This way you buy a return ticket for each lag of your journey. Mudanjiang cannot be reached directly otherwise. Ask your ticket agent for specials and discounts for flights to Mudanjiang.

Q. Is Mudanjiang a city with a lot of rain?

A. Mudanjiang is a city which receives a lot of rain through its monsoons in the summer. Summers in Mudanjiang are hot and fairly wet then. On the contrary, the winters in Mudanjiang are with a lot of windchill and quite dry. The best time to visit Mudanjiang then is in the spring and autumn even if these two seasons are reserved to April and October only. The touristy season in Mudanjiang is in the spring and autumn then. Consider getting your airfare ticket for this season ahead of time.

Q. My onward ticket creates a fairly long layover in Mudanjiang, what can I see there?

A. Mudanjiang is a pleasant city to visit. If you are in Mudanjiang, do not miss the People's Park, which is an amusement and zoon park with plenty of animals and things to do. If you are in Mudanjiang with your children, you should definitely not miss the Park. There is not entrance ticket to be paid, and it is a great glimpse into the Chinese urban culture. Consider visiting the Mirror Lake and Xingkai Lake as well.

Mudanjiang - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Mudanjiang Hailang Airport ・Beijing Capital International Airport ・Vladivostok International Airport ・Seoul Incheon Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Mudanjiang

Mudanjiang Hailang is the name of the airport operating the flights from and to Mudanjiang. Among the regular flights to Mudanjiang there are flights to Beijing and other Chinese destinations as well as some international flights. You can flight to Mudanjiang directly from Vladivostok, Seoul and oother international destinations.