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Yanan (China)

Yanan (China)

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City CodeENY
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Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Yanan (China) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Yanan (China).


Yan'an is a city located in the mainland of China. Yan'an was built as an industrial city and it is called the birthplace of the revolution. There are two million people living in Yan'an.

Voice of Travelers to Yan'an

Airfare ticket to Yan'an from Kuala Lumpur

I needed to fly to Yan'an as part of my business trip. When I searched at the online ticket portals, I could not find a ticket to fly directly to Yan'an. Yan'an was not included in the offer of any of the airlines features at the ticket portal. So I made a trip to the local ticket agency and the ticket agent there offered me a return ticket from Kualal Lumpur to Beijing and then another one from Beijing to Yan'an. This is how I eventually ended up buying my double lag ticket for Yan'an. The ticket was issued with Hainan airlines which delivered great service for me. Yan'an visit was great even if I would have preferred a ticket on a direct flight.

Visiting Hangzhou for the first time

I lived in Osaka when I decided to pay a visit to my friend living in Yan'an. I started searching for the ticket early as I wanted to fly out for Christmas. The ticket for a direct flight with China Eastern Airlines was beyond my reach. Much cheaper was the ticket with Air Nippon to Beijing and then another ticket with Hainan Airlines to Yan'an. I bought the second ticket them. Yan'an was great in Christmas and I enjoyed it. It was definitely not my last time in Yan'an.

Yan'an Travel FAQs

Q. How can I find an airfare ticket to Yan'an from Bangkok?

A. To fly from Bangkok to Yan'an, you have two possibilities as far as the airfare ticket is concerned: You can fly with a ticket issued by Air China to Guangzhou and then on with Hainan Airlines to Yan'an, but this ticket might be expensive. Try, therefore, to find an airfare ticket to Yan'an by first searching for a cheap ticket to another Chinese city, like Beijing which has flight to Yan'an. A domestic ticket within China is normally very cheap, so you can cut the costs of flying to Yan'an in this way.

Q. What are some good reasons to visit Yan'an?

A. Yan'an has both architectural and natural beauty. As one of the most stunning cities of China, Yan'an will surprise you by the beauty of its Hukou Waterfall just outside Yan'an as well as by the Muasoleum of the Yellow Emperor. Yan'an is great whether you are looking for city life of relax in the nature. If you are hesitating about buying an airfare ticket to Yan'an, you should definitely go for it.

Q. Is Yan'an pleasant in Christmas time?

A. Yan'an has humid continental climate and it can be hot in Yan'an in the summer while in the winter it gets quite cold here. Yan'an receives snow in the winter so if you are in Yan'an for Christmas, you might see snow there. Yan'an might have about 500 milimeters of snow at this time.

Yan'an - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Yan'an Ershilipu Airport ・Beijing Capital International Airport ・Shanghai Pudong International Airport ・Xi'an Xianyang International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Yan'an

Flights to Yan'an are operated with China Eastern Airlines, China United Airlines and Hainan Airlines. It is possible to fly to Yan'an from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chongqing and Guangzhou. There are no international flights to Yan'an at this moment. The Yan'an airport was open in 1980.