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City CodeXUZ
Popular Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
Flight Time15~17 hours

The flight time to Xuzhou is approximately 15~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Xuzhou.


Xuzhou is the fourth largest city of the northern Jiangsu Province in China. It used to be known as Pengcheng before adapting its Xuzhou name. Cuzhou has an estimated population of 8,577,225 people and is only 11,259 squared kilometers.It is very easy to get to Xuzhou by train as Xuzhou is a rail hub. Some confuse and have bought a ticket to suzhou instead of Xuzhou as the names sound so familiar.Xuzhou boasts to be a modern city with hotels and hostels, Xuzhou is also popular due to its transport network.

Voice of Travelers to Xuzhou

Business trip To Xuzhou

My name is Lisa, I work for a beverage company in France. My company recently sent me to Xuzhou to do a visual survey of the consumer trends. They booked me a ticket in economy class via Air France. The ticket had 3 stops. One was in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle for around four hours before we could proceed to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and finally Xuzhou Guanyin Airport. The return ticket was by the same airlines as our company was able to negotiate on cheaper ticket rates. When we arrived in Xuzhou,I was eager to site see the city. My colleagues and I were taken to the best hotel in Xuzhou.On the next day, we took to the streets to get feedback from the people of Xuzhou.They were very friendly and honest.I believe Xuzhou had so much more to offer! I will definitely look towards a ticket back there.

Free trip to Xuzhou

I won a fully paid trip to Xuzhou last year,My air ticket cost, accommodation , commuter ticket allowance and entry ticket to some tourist sites were catered for. They gave me a pair of ticket to Xuzhou via Air China and the return ticket was by China Southern Airlines. I thought it was a dream till I saw myself on a plane to Xuzhou. The service in the plane to Xuzhou was exemplary. I had no problems presenting my ticket either.I ate Asian delicacies while in the plane. When I finally arrived in Xuzhou, all I wanted was to visit all its attractions. I bought a diversity ticket by trying the dog meat tacos. It was a Xuzhou experience i cannot seem to forget. On a scale of one to ten I would rate Xuzhou as an eleven.

Xuzhou Travel FAQs

Q. What are the best hotels on Xuzhou?

A. The most famous hotels in Xuzhou include New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou, Jinjiang Inn Xuzhou Train Station, Gloria Resort Xiao Nanhu, The Qube Xuzhou, The Qube Hotel Xuzhou East, Jinyuan Jinling Plaza Xuzhou, Elan Hotel Xuzhou, Vienna Hotel Jiangsu Xuzhou Pengcheng Square, New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou, Xuzhou International Hotel, Xuzhou Guoyuan Hotel, Xuzhou Wang Yuan Hotel, Garden Hotel Xuzhou, Xuzhou Hanzhongfu Xi International Hotel, New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou, Houba Xuzhou Hotel and Xuzhou Fuhua Hotel.

Q. What is the best season to visit Xuzhou?

A. The best time to visit Xuzhou is March to April and Also September all through to October when the climate is favorable.Summer time is the best time to get your ticket as it is not too hot compared to other cities like Shanghai.

Q..What are the things one can do in Xuzhou?

A. There are not so many tourist attraction sites to see in Xuzhou. Xuzhou is more of an ancient city full of cultures.If you are a lover of art and history, architecture and design , Xuzhou is your ticket to bliss. .Another thing one can try in Xuzhou are the dog meat tacos , they are a popular snack in the streets of Xuzhou together with the Emperor's soup known as 'sha tang'

Xuzhou - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Xuzhou Guanyin Airport ・Incheon International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport ・Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Xuzhou

The main airport in Xuzhou is Xuzhou Guanyin Airport. There are several airlines that can lead you to Xuzhou.A ticket to Xuzhou can be gotten from China Southern Airline, China eastern airlines, Hainan airlines and Air China. There are several other airlines that can lead you to Xuzhou but they may be connected flights with several stops , you will need more than one ticket. One can get a ticket from several sources.