Recife : A Tenacious, Fulfilled and Gutsy City that Captures the Coastal Grandeur of North Eastern Brazil

Recife : A Tenacious, Fulfilled and Gutsy City that Captures the Coastal Grandeur of North Eastern Brazil

The city of Recife is among one of the most exhilarating cities in North Eastern Brazil. As Pernambuco’s capital, Recife is filled with wild entertainment, culture, remarkable seaside setting and enthralling history that is perfect for sightseeing tourists. Recife City’s urban scenery is composed of high rise building, busy commercial areas, and an all-embracing suburb. Travelers that enjoy delighted and gritty cities will find Recife as the best destination stopover. Listed below are among some of the sightseeing spots that best defines Recife and would make tourists prolong their stay.

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Recife : A Tenacious, Fulfilled and Gutsy City that Captures the Coastal Grandeur of North Eastern Brazil

1. Instituto Ricardo Brennand

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Instituto Ricardo Brennand is a museum in Recife whose collections attract sightseeing tourists from all over the world. The collections are impressive and of different combinations. Some are private and they include weapons, pictures, statues and sculptures among others. They also have medieval arms collections that date back to the Dutch period in the capital. Sightseeing tourists can spend up to three hours, as this Institution in Recife is very beautiful, with a lustful green garden that is also rented out for special ceremonies, two museums with the mentioned collections, and a nice restaurant and coffee shop. It is a worthy place for travelers visit.

2. Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand

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Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand is a museum at the old port in Recife that has a formidable and quality collection favorable for sightseeing visitors. The museum is amazingly designed and has an efficient layout and presentation of its exhibits. Francisco Brennand is a sculptor in Brazil and his studio at this site is located in an old ceramic factory. He has a collection of abstract work exhibited all over the building and studio, which travelers would find extremely artistic, splendid and memorable. Sightseers on a shoreline excursion must make a point to stop at this museum and appreciate the creativity, class, and excellence perceived from his art in the garden and his studio. Visitors must make a point to visit this unique space and they will be inspired by what they will see.

3. Museu Cais do Sertão

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Museu Cais do Sertao is a modern museum in the heart of Sertao in Recife that provides an interactive space for tourists to learn about the Brazilian culture. Travelers sightseeing through the port would appreciate the Museum’s concept in showcasing Brazilian displays and music that ranges years back. Visitors will enjoy experiencing interaction in all forms, as there are installations of a wide variety of the lifestyle of the Brazilian community. Sightseeing tourists will particularly enjoy the echoing tunnel and karaoke booths installations.`zabumba” and ``sanfona” instruments, traditional houses, and furnishings displays are also enjoyed. All these create an interactive environment and makes visitors feel as part of the community and understand and appreciate the Brazilian community and culture.

4. RioMar Recife Mall

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RioMar Recife Mall is a modern shopping and modern recreational space that celebrates the urban atmosphere. It is spacious, beautifully designed and offers a home to many commercial activities that are great for both locals and tourists. Tourists on a sightseeing excursion can have a stop at the mall for various amenities and interaction with the locals of Recife. There are many fancy shops from high-end boutiques, restaurants with a wide variety of delicacies and drinks, banking facilities among others. It is a nice place to spend a few hours shopping for gifts to bring back home and plan for your next sightseeing adventures in Recife.

5. Teatro de Santa Isabel

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The Teatro de Santa Isabel is a unique theatre in Recife that offers the perfect ambiance of modern and tradition theatrical feel. Tourists can get guided tours with interactive guides that will take them through. They will get to experience the theatre rooms, the stage, period details at the cafeteria and an unforgettable experience of watching a spectacle on planned performance schedules. This theatre is very exceptionally beautiful that sightseeing visitors will appreciate. Tourists seeking a cultural experience have to stop at this museum in Recife and not miss a show happening in the theatre. Musical performances like the classics by the Brazilian students are among the shows not to miss, so as to embrace the arts, and wholesome experience this place has to offer.

6. Madre Deus Church

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Madre Deus Church is the best preserved and maintained church that dates back to the seventeenth century. Its location in the old Recife makes it very easy for sightseeing visitors to access, as it is also close to many other sightseeing attractions in Recife Antigo area. The Madre Deus church is astonishingly beautiful with significant Portuguese architecture in its decoration, woodwork, and use of different construction materials as essential details that accentuate the church’s aesthetics. Tourists will get to appreciate the details of Baroque style and its historical significance to the locals. The church is also famous for hosting weddings due to its ambiance and therefore, sightseeing visitors have to make a stop and appreciate Recife’s religious landmark here.

7. Convent of San Francisco

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Convent of San Francisco is a must visit religious landmark in the heart of Recife. The Convent dates back from the sixteenth century and has the Franciscans community living in it. While on a sightseeing excursion in Olinda, Recife, tourists have to visit this convent as it is the highlight of the town. It is engraved with the Baroque style of decorative painting and murals. The blue Portuguese artwork tiles are very impressive to look at. Tourists will appreciate the highly detailed craftsmanship of the carved woodwork that goes all the way to the ceiling. It would definitely leave a memorable imprint on tourists that visit the convent. Visitors would appreciate having a guide that would give deeper insights on the convent’s history, architecture and the community that lives in it that have greatly impacted the Brazilian community in Recife.

8. Capela Dourada

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Capela Dourada is the chapel of the novice that is famously known for its golden leaves and paintings from the sixteenth century. The people of Recife have a great attachment and reverence endearment to the church as sightseeing tourists would come to understand when they visit. Tourists can get an informative tour guide that would explain more throughout the chapel tour, which will make visitors appreciative of the historical value of the chapel. The chapel is beautifully and architecturally influenced by the Baroque style of design which is seen throughout the building. Tourists on a sightseeing city tour must stop at this chapel as it also functions as a museum with impressive artwork exhibitions from the Baroque period.

9. Paco de Frevo

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Paco de Frevo is a unique museum in Recife that showcases the popular Frevo culture. Tourists on sightseeing and cultural trips will definitely enjoy the story of this Brazilian music and dance. This place will show you the significance and evolution of culture and art, its manifestations, and spontaneity, its overwhelming brilliance. Tourists can also visit during scheduled performances so as to have a one on one and deeply memorable experience of Frevo performance and understand how much it is appreciated worldwide. The place is equipped with three floors of interesting display of Frevo content and a lovely café that has very nice coffee drinks.

10. Coroa do Aviao Beach

Coroa do Aviao Beach is among the best beaches in the Recife coast. Tourists that visit Recife longing for a sightseeing or sea life and boat tour must stop at the Coroa do Aviao beach to experience its beauty and serenity. Tourists would access the beach by boats as it is an island beach with white sand, warm water and plenty of birdlife and beautiful coastal vegetation. Visitors can take boat tours to the mangroves that are a spectacular site with lots of crabs. There a plenty of restaurants that serve seafood and local delicacies at favorable prices for all. This beach is a great chance for tourists to interact with locals and have a taste of their culture as they relax on the beach or swim. For sightseeing tourists planning a beach visit, this is a must visit when in Recife.

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Visiting Recife is an opportune and memorable tourist destination due to its culture, history and its people. There are various sightseeing, city and nature tours available for all visitors while in the city. Recife offers a gracious beautiful seaside, significant religious landmarks, stunning museums and lots more different activities that tourists will enjoy to remember. It is the one place that should be next on your destination list.