Bucharest : City of Unique Foods and Culture

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Bucharest : City of Unique Foods and Culture

Bucharest is an exciting destination for a family trip or a cultural encounter. The city has many attracted tourist sights and many other fun and entertaining places. Bucharest is located in the southern part of Romania. The city is the capital city of the country and also the commercial center of Romania. Bucharest has a long history filled with exciting and in the same time jaw- dropping events such as the communism which makes it a perfect target for an awesome trip. What places to visit in the capital city of Romania? Here are some of the most interesting places to visit!

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Bucharest : City of Unique Foods and Culture

1. Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest's most attracted and most popular sight is the enormous Palace of the Parliament. This building was once a huge communist palace now it serves as the parliament. The building is known to be the largest administrative building in the world, if excluding the Pentagon. Visitors will be able to see the colossal parliament building and take a tour in the building. Visitors will be mesmerized by the many arts and ornaments on the inside of the building and the majestic marble floors. The Palace of the Parliament is an extraordinary place that leaves visitors in awe.

2. Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

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Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum is an open air museum and a very unique experience. The museum is located in the well known Herăstrău Park where visitors can enter the museum and walk among the life size exhibited objects. The museum is an Ethnographic museum devoted to present the Romanian village life. Visitors will be able to take a glimpse and experience the village life through peasant farms and exhibited authentic homes. The homes and peasant farms are from all over Romania and visitors will get the chance to check them out in the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum.

3. National Museum of Art of Romania

The National Museum of Art of Romania is located in the Royal Palace in Revolution Square and is one of the other reasons why Bucharest is so fascinating and attracted. The museum displays multiple and different kinds of artworks from different eras. Visitors can take a tour and see all that the National Museum of Art of Romania has to offer. Among the collections there are paintings and sculptures of medieval and modern Romanian times. Although besides the Romanian arts people can also take a look at artworks of Western Europe and the Islamic world.

4. National Museum of Romanian History

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Located on the Calea Victoriei in Bucharest the National Museum of Romanian History is one of the best places to go to in order to learn about the past of Romania and to understand the country better. Visitors will be able to take a tour in the National Museum of Romanian History which has multiple floors dedicated to preserve and share the history of the country. People can see historical artifacts including a cast of Trajan's Column. Visitors will not be lacking the view of the Romania's national treasury and they can even see Greek gold.

5. Cotroceni Palace

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If you would like to see how and where the president of Romania lives definitely visit the Cotroceni Palace. This building is the official residence of the President of Romania. The baroque palace can be visited and toured around. Cotroceni Palace also houses the National Cotroceni Museum which cannot be missed once you have seen the residence of the president. In the museum visitors can see different kinds of paintings and other decorative arts. Touring the museum and the residence is possible however visitors need to book a time in advance.

6. Curtea Veche

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Curtea Veche has a very exciting and long history behind it. It was built as a residence and palace during the ruling of Vlad III Dracula in 1456. In 1953 archaeological excavations began on the territory and now the Curtea Veche is open as a historic center and can be visited by the public. Visitors can take a walk or a tour among the ruins and can obtain interesting informations of the once prince and ruler and his place of living. The Curtea Veche is located in the middle of the old town with a rich history and interesting facts.

7. Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History

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The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History was originally established in 1834. Visitors can take a tour and see the variety of the Romanian wildlife and many more. The country has a very broad range of wild life and plants spread out throughout the whole country but people are able to see it and the history of it at one place. Visitors can take a look at the Atlantic wildlife and Black sea wild life along with a very interesting humpback whale skeleton and many more.

8. Muzeul Național George Enescu

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George Enescu was a very famous Romanian musician and the Muzeul Național George Enescu honors his memory and talent. The building which houses the museum once used to be a palace however today it is turned into the museum. Visitors are able to take a tour in the museum and get to know the famous musician through the exhibits that the Muzeul Național George Enescu offers. People will catch an inside glimpse on the life of George Enescu and can obtain interesting information about his career.

9. National Military Museum

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Founded by King Ferdinand in 1923, the National Military Museum is a very interesting and educative tourist attraction. Visitors can expect to see all sorts of things regarding to the military subject in Romania. People can take a tour and walk among the exhibitions and see the life of the soldiers and the objects they used. Visitors can expect to see weapons from different eras. The collections include swords and guns as well as firearms. People can also enjoy the models of fortifications and transporting vehicles.

10. Zoo Bucharest

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One of the funnest and most entertaining spots in the city is the Zoo Bucharest. This zoo is not only for children but parents and all ages will have a fun time in this interactive zoo. Located in the northern district of the city the zoo attracts hundreds and hundreds of tourists and locals all the time. This family friendly place is filled with animal attractions and has around one hundred species of animals that visitors can see and enjoy. The zoo also features an exotic garden which attracts many birds and other little creatures.

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During your stay in the capital city of Romania you will experience things that you have never before, you will see and eat thing that you have never seen and tasted before. Bucharest has a very unique culture and a very distinct gastronomic taste. From the polenta to the authentic and traditional Ciorba soup you and your family will have the opportunity to taste these delicious foods and experience the culture through museums and other cultural centers. Bucharest has a lot to offer to the tourism and it will not disappoint anyone!