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Quesnel (Canada)

Quesnel (Canada)

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City CodeYQZ
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~5 hours

The flight time to Quesnel (Canada) is approximately 4~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Quesnel (Canada).


Quesnel is a city in British Columbia, Canada. Quesnel is situated between Prince George and Williams Lake. Quesnel was earlier called Quesnelle Mouth but the name was shortened to Quesnel in the 1900s. Quesnel is a small city with a population of less than 10,000 people. Because of the small population, Quesnel has a vibrant and strongly knitted community and the people are welcoming. The industry of Quesnel is nature based. The people of Quesnel regard the nature as being a way of life, not just a part of life. Because of this, many activities in Quesnel are nature based. The city of Quesnel was first inhabited by the Dakelh people thousands of year ago.

Voice of Travelers to Quesnel

Round trip ticket to one way ticket

I am Patrick. I got married last year to my high school sweetheart. My wife and I have been planning to relocate to a quieter city to start a family. We have been hearing a lot about Quesnel so we decided to buy a round trip ticket to Quesnel for summer. Our ticket had a stop in Vancouver. WWe wanted to visit once and see how it is. We really loved the emphasis on nature. It seemed people lead a lot more peaceful lives. That is exactly what we were looking for. We are now planning on buying a one way ticket to finally relocate to Quesnel.

Last minute ticket

Hey there, this is Sam. I travel often. Last month I visited Quesnel. It was actually not planned at all. I accidentally saw my roommate's airline ticket to Quesnel. I immediately became interested in the place. The name was just too appealing. I started googling about the place and found it very interesting. The next day, I got myself a ticket for a flight that was on the same day. It was a very last minute decision. I got a good deal this time on the ticket. I had to pick my ticket from the airport. My ticket had a stopover in Vancouver and it was generally a calm flight. My time in Quesnel too was very calm, filled with nature and outdoor recreation. My roommate too joined me a few days later. We both got a ticket to go back home together after a fulfilling trip.

Quesnel Travel FAQs

Q. What are some tourist attractions in Quesnel?

Quesnel is a quiet city with a vibrant community. The diverse communities of Quesnel along with the beautiful natural attractions prove to be an excellent tourist spot. Some of the attractions in Quesnel are Quesnel & District Museum & Archives, West Fraser Centre and Quesnel Arena, Quesnel Indoor Sports Centre, Quesnel & District Arts & Recreation Centre, Quesnel Art Gallery and Quesnel's Historic Fraser River Footbridge. People buying a ticket to visit the city can also take a self-guided walking tour. Visitors can follow the guide for these walking tours online. Some of these walking tours are Downtown Historic walking tour, Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery Tour and Painted Fire Hydrant walking tour.

Q. What are the accomodation options available for people buying a ticket for Quesnel?

People buying a ticket for Quesnel have a variety of accommodation options available. People can choose to camp outside in one of the many campgrounds available. Some of these campgrounds and Parks include the Bowron Lake Provincial Park. There are also resorts people buying a ticket for Quesnel can stay in such as the Bowron Lake Lodge & Resorts Ltd. For visitors who wish to stay in a hotel or motel can choose from many options such as Best Western Tower Inn, Quality Inn & Suites, Ramada Limited or Wells Hotel.

Quesnel - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Quesnel Airport Vancouver International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Quesnel

People travelling to Quesnel can choose to fly directly from Vancouver or use Vancouver as their stopover before coming to Quesnel. Carson Air and Central Mountain Air offer a direct airline ticket to Quesnel from Vancouver. People who choose Vancouver as the stopover have a lot of airline options to choose from. Airlines offering ticket to Vancouver include Delta Air, China Air, British Airways amongst many other. There are lots of air routes available this way r as many flights offer international and domestic ticket to and from Vancouver.