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City CodeYEA
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Japan Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time3~7 hours

The flight time to Edmonton is approximately 3~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Edmonton.

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Edmonton is a city in Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. Edmonton is divided into 5 municipalities called Strathcona, North Edmonton, West Edmonton, Beverly and Jasper Place. Edmonton hosts many festivals throughout the year because of which it is often called Canada's Festival City. The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton is North America's largest mall. The Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton is Canada's largest history museum.

Voice of Travelers to Edmonton

Christimas ticket for Edmonton

Hello, I am Will. My mother wanted to go to Edmonton for the Holidays as she wanted to celebrate a white christmas. I could not afford to buy her a ticket with my minimum wage job. She was really sick all of last year. I wanted to buy her a ticket so i could make her feel happy. I saved up all of last year. I also kept tallying ticket prices online. Finally, i got a good deal with this travel agency. My mother was thrilled to see the ticket. We finally went for christmas. The Christmas lights and decoration at Edmonton was breathtaking. There was a 72 foot long christmas tree with Santa Lights in the downtown area. The feel was very community like as many people were offering balloons, face painting, caroling and singing. All in all, my mother really enjoyed and I am pleased.

Wishing for a one way ticket to Edmonton

Hi, this is Maureen from New York. My mother bought us all a ticket to Edmonton last month. The ticket was a flexible ticket and we could change our return flight whenever we wished. When we got to Edmonton, we were all really happy that our mother got a flexible ticket as we just didn't want to leave. All four of us siblings loved the cold winter. We also really enjoyed the many festivals in the city. In the end we had to get a return ticket to go back home much to our dismay. We are all really proud of our mother for working so hard in life to raise us all single handedly. This trip just brought us all even closer.

Edmonton Travel FAQs

Q. What are some major attractions in Edmonton?

A. Edmonton is a tourist hub in Canada with lots of festivals and events regularly going on. The Fringe Festival, Servus Edmonton Marathon, Servus Heritage Festival, Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival are just few events that take place in the summer. There are loads of other events being hosted in Edmonton throughout the year. These events help create a strong community bond between the people of Edmonton that you can also experience when you buy your ticket to Edmonton. Apart from this, there are loads of other attractions including North America's largest mall, West Edmonton Mall, the historic Elk Island National Park and Rogers Place.

Q. Is Edmonton budget friendly?

A. Edmonton is an excellent place for the whole family, for single girl getaway or even for a romantic visit. The Edmonton tourism website also offers a lot of deals and cheaper ticket to various places. You can enjoy discounted passes to various attractions including waterpark, West Edmonton Mall, Prairies and to different accommodations. While there are luxury accommodation options available in Edmonton, you can also enjoy these through the many ticket deals offered. Do check out the website when buying your ticket to Edmonton and planning your trip ahead of time. You are sure to find a deal that suits your preferences and requirements.

Q. When can you buy the cheapest ticket to Edmonton?

A. You can take advantage of airline ticket deals if you buy your ticket ahead of time. There are also last minute ticket deals offered during peak times. Holidays and Summer is usually the most expensive time to buy a ticket but planning ahead can help you land a good deal.

Edmonton - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Edmonton International Airport ・Pearson International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Edmonton

The Edmonton International Airport is Canada's second largest airport so there are many international and domestic air routes available to Edmonton. Flights that offer a ticket to Edmonton include Air Canada, Flair Airlines, KLM, WestJet, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines. These flights offer ticket to up to 52 different destinations from Edmonton International Airport. Some of these destinations that some flights offer a ticket to are Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Seattle, Toronto and Amsterdam.