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Hay River (Canada)

Hay River (Canada)

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The flight time to Hay River (Canada) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Hay River (Canada).

Hay River

Popularly known as the, “Hub of the North,” Hay River is a town situated in the Northwestern Territories of Canada. The town has a population of more than 3,000 based on a 2011 census. Hay River is situated in the South Slave Region and is separated into two sections – a new town and an old town. Located on the southern shore of the Great Slave Lake, Hay River is one of the two capital of the region – together with Forth Smith.

Voice of Travelers to Hay River

My first time at Hay River

My name is Terry from Yellowknife. Being in the Northern Territories all my life, I never got a chance to book a plane ticket bound to Hay River and explore the place. When I finally got a chance because my sister was going to be deployed there, I grabbed the opportunity to go to Hay River. I booked a plane ticket via First Air. The services provided by the First Air was remarkable, I felt comfortable the whole time. When I have reached Hay River with my sister, I separated from her a bit and explored the city on my own. I was able to visit Hay River Historical Museum. Since it was a free museum, I did not need an admission ticket in order to enter the place. The exhibits were fascinating, with collections ranging from cultural items of the natives to a variety of interesting artifacts. It was a great museum. Sadly, after my two-day stay, I had to book a ticket back home. Fortunately, my sister will buy me another plane ticket back. I will wait.

A Visit at the Canoes at Hay River

I am Jasmine from Edmonton. My brother and I decided to book a plane ticket to Hay River following the discovery we had that they had canoe services there. We were able to avail of a ticket to Hay River from Northwestern Air. The services rendered by the plane was great, we were attended well by the staff of the plane. When we arrived at Hay River, we were lead to Canoe North Ltd. We rented an 18.5’ canoe, barrels, paddles, and of course our safety vests. The canoe was is great condition, and comfortable. Having no previous experience in canoeing, doing such on the place was worth it. The trip was incredible, and the services were top-notch. Overall, we enjoyed our trip to Hay River. We are certainly booking a plane ticket back to do the water sport again soon.

Hay River Travel FAQs

Hay River - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Hay River/Merlyn Carter Airport ・Yellowknife Airport (Northwest Territories, Canada) ・Edmonton International Airport (Alberta, Canada) ・Fort Smith Airport (Northwest Territories, Canada) ・High Level Airport (Alberta, Canada) etc.

Flight Routes to Hay River

It is important to identify the air routes to and from Hay River because it serves as your guide in booking a plane ticket to Hay River. Only two domestic airlines let you avail of a ticket to Hay River. If you are from Yellowknife, you may book a plane ticket to Hay River through First Air. If you are from Edmonton, Fort Smith, and High Level, you may book a plane ticket to Hay River through Northwestern Air.