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Windsor (Canada)

Windsor (Canada)

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City CodeYQG
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time3~7 hours

The flight time to Windsor (Canada) is approximately 3~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Windsor (Canada).


Windsor is a city in Ontario, Canada. Windsor is situated across from Detroit, Michigan, on the southern shore of the Detroit River. Windsor has a strong French-Canadian heritage which can be seen through the French names given to many streets in Windsor. Some of these streets include Ouellette, Francois, Marentette and Pierre. Windsor contributes largely to the country's automobile industry. Windsor has a rich history and has been important in many historical events in Canada.

Voice of Travelers to Windsor

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Hello, I'm Francis. My toddler just turned three. Just when I thought my toddler’s terrible twos were over, he started talking. My husband and I planned a vacation for us three to Windsor and our little toddler was obsessed with the word ticket. It almost felt like ticket was the first word he had learned as he would not stop saying it. He must have caught the word ticket from us as we kept talking about airline tickets to plan our trip for a really long time. During our trip to Windsor he kept us all entertained by calling every piece of paper a ticket. Other than that, we were glad to find Windsor to be very toddler friendly with excellent entertainment options for the whole family. My husband and I were also able to enjoy some alone time because of the friendly community in Windsor.

I’m from windsor

I am Lily from Windsor. I moved to Dallas 3 years ago because of work. In October I booked a holiday ticket for me to visit sdfsdfsd. I did not let my family know about the ticket because I wanted to surprise them. I have spent a lot of time being away from my family. I finally got the chance to meet them because of this ticket and explore Windsor. While I have grown up in Windsor, I had never visited the tourist sites. This time, I traveled around the city to make most of the ticket. I realized how rich Windsor is in art and culture. There is history literally everywhere as every mural tells a history. I was upset when I had to go back but I decide on buying ticket to Windsor for the long weekend as well. I am glad I now have a job because of which I can afford more frequent visits.

Windsor Travel FAQs

Q. What are some major attractions in Windsor?

Windsor has a diverse cultural identity and is filled with world-class entertainment, historical landmarks and scenic parks and gardens. When you buy your ticket to Windsor, you can visit the Windsor Sculpture Park at the waterfront. This park offers a large collection of huge sculptures and is a great tourist site. The Art Gallery of Windsor and the Jachimczuk Museum are also two tourist attractions for anyone wanting to learn more about Windsor's cultural and art history. Other attractions include Willistead Manor, Mackenzie Hall, Windsor iNTERNATIONAL aQUATIC AND tRAINING cENTRE and Ojibway Nature Centre.

Q. Which airline offers the cheapest ticket to Windsor?

Several different flights offer cheap ticket to Windsor. Air Canada is the most common flight offering ticket to Windsor and can often have great deals and discounts on the ticket. WestJet is another flight that offers discounted nonstop ticket to Windsor from several places. Planning ahead can you receive a good deal on your ticket to Windsor.

Q. Which month should I visit Windsor in?

The climate of Windsor is generally humid while the city sees four different seasons. The Winter of Windsor can be cold, the coldest being -32 while the summer is Warm. Most tourists buy ticket for Windsor for the month of July because of the warm humid temperature.There are also plenty of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Windsor during this time.

Windsor - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Windsor International Airport ・Pearson International Airport

Airports handling direct flights to Buffalo Niagara International Airport ・Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Flight Routes to Windsor

While the Windsor International Airport is situated in Windsor and offers some domestic flights, the Pearson International Airport and Detroit Metropolitan Airport are also near Windsor, providing several different air route options to Windsor. Flights that offer direct ticket to Windsor are Air Canada Express, Westjet, Sunwing Airlines including others. People can also choose one stopover in their ticket. If they choose Toronto or Detroit as their stopover in the ticket, they can have access to up to 25 airlines. Passengers can buy ticket to and from many different cities including Philadelphia, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Boston, Mexico City, Dubai, Marco Polo and Vienna.