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City CodeYUY
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Rouyn-Noranda is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Rouyn-Noranda.

Rouyn Norada

Rouyn Noranda is a city on  Osisko Lake in the Southwestern Quebec in Canada. Rouyn constitute the capital of Abitibi Temiscamingue Region. Rouyn Noranda is a coextensive with a territory equivalent to  a regional county Municipality and census division of of Quebec of the same name. Rouyn Noranda is the seat of Public University QAT since 1983. Rouyn Noranda has an area of 6,441.40 square kilometers. Rouyn Noranda was established in the year 1926.  

Voice of Travelers to Rouyn Norada

A trip to Rouyn Noranda with friends

It was last year when I graduated from a degree course. I looked for friends and we came up with this idea of getting a ticket for Rouyn Noranda. No one of us had ever before  bought a ticket for Rouyn Noranda. It was the first time for all of to acquire a ticket. All of us had saved enough money for the ticket to Rouyn Noranda. We managed to get our ticket to Rouyn Noranda from one of the travel agencies in our country. We arrived in Rouyn Noranda and we had a lifetime experience that we shall never forget.

My leisure trip to Rouyn Noranda

Travelling for me has always been fun. I normally travel overseas for business purposes. So now and then I have to obtain a ticket to travel. It has become a routine because once every month am busy looking for a ticket. Last time I traveled I did it for fun and not business. I deliberately chose to go to Rouyn Noranda. I got my travel ticket before the travel schedule because I did not want to miss the flight.  I got my ticket for  Rouyn Noranda from the airport. The other sources of acquiring ticket for Rouyn Noranda are travel agents and online website. The flight attendants were very friendly and kind. They made my day. The food was also good. Rouyn Noranda was very beautiful. I really enjoyed the scenery. Everything about that city is just wonderful. The first a got a bus ticket to move around the city. I also had time to cycle around and within Rouyn Noranda city. It was amazing.

Rouyn Norada Travel FAQs

What are the tourist attractions in Rouyn Noranda?

There are many tourist attractions such as natural attractions, historical monuments, adventures. The major things to do in Rouyn Noranda include getting the best spa services in Jardin Spa, Église orthodoxe russe St-George, Fonderie Horne, get entertained in the Le Petit Théâtre, Centre d'Exposition de Rouyn-Noranda, Théâtre du Cuivre, D'Arbre en Arbre, Circuit Abitibi Karting, Parc Botanique à Fleur D'Eau, Parc Aventure Joannès and Bella Ciao Pub SupperClub.

What is the best time to go to Rouyn Noranda?

The best time to go to Rouyn Noranda includes the months of May to September. This is the best season as the weather within this time is really warm and nice. You will be able to tour Rouyn Noranda better during the great weather. Get your ticket within this season.

 How do you prepare for a trip to Rouyn Noranda?

It is important to prepare for your trip to Rouyn Noranda so that it goes well all the way.The first thing you do is to acquire a passport and the a Visa for Rouyn Noranda. The next step is to acquire a ticket to Rouyn Noranda. You can get a ticket from the ticket from the airport.Aso make sure you ticket is legit. The next thing you do is to  park you bags and your ticket and wait for your travel day.

Rouyn Norada - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Rouyn Noranda Airport ・Heathrow airport ・Garwick airport ・Frankfurt airport etc.

Flight Routes to Rouyn Norada

Rouyn Noranda Airport  is the major airport in the Rouyn Noranda City. Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Rouyn Noranda. Some of the airlines that go to Rouyn Noranda are: Iberia, British Airways and Lufthansa. You can obtain a ticket for Rouyn Noranda from the airport. Get your ticket to Rouyn Noranda early enough to avoid last minute rush.