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Rankin Inlet

Rankin Inlet

Origin of Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

City CodeYRT
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time7~8 hours

The flight time to Rankin Inlet is approximately 7~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Rankin Inlet.


Rankin is located in the North West Hudson Bay 300 kilometers between North of Churchill Chesterfield inlet and Arviat. It occupies an area of 20.24 squared kilometers. It has a population of 2,441 people. Rankin city was established in 1955 it is one of the most recent cities to be established. Rankin was discovered by Rankin inlet and was named after him.

Voice of Travelers to Rankin

Holiday to Rankin Inlet

The adventurous spirit in me lead me to Rankin inlet for the holidays last year. I acquired my ticket two weeks in advance before my travel date to Rankin inlet. I arrived in the airport early enough for my flight only to have it delayed for another two hours. After a couple of hours in the air I finally reached Rankin inlet. I went straight to my hotel and went for a swim which is my ritual of getting rid of jetlag. I had a blast in Rankin inlet. My ticket on my journey to Rankin inlet was from Jetblue. The return ticket was from United airlines.

Free vacation to Rankin inlet

Do you believe in miracles? Last summer made me believe that miracles actually do happen. I was my sister at the mall shopping when a random guy in a travel agency ticket stopped us to fill some forms. We did hesitantly and continued with our normal day errands. The following week we were called and asked for our free days as we had won a fully paid vacation to Rankin inlet. They paid for the return ticket for both of us. Our trip was great and I would like to get a ticket back to Rankin city.

Rankin Travel FAQs

Q. What are the tourist attractions in rankin inlet?

A. Rankin inlet is a little place full of so much life. Once you acquire your air ticket you have to list down the things to do in the city. Rankin inlet has a buzz of activities one can indulge in. The places one must visit after you acquire your ticket include Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park, matchbox gallery, try out new restaurants and walk across the beautiful streets of the city.

Q. Why you should travel to Rankin inlet?

A. It is always an adventure to explore new places. People should travel to Rankin inlet in order to experience a totally different scenario from what they are used to. You will get to see new things when in Rankin inlet. Travel to Rankin inlet to get away from your daily life routine and schedule. Go ahead ad get your ticket to Rankin inlet from several sources and don't forget to acquire ticket discounts on your ticket costs. Travelling to a new place always increases your experiences and adds on to the memories made.

Q. What is the best time to travel to Rankin Inlet?

A. One should travel to Rankin Inlet during the bets time in the year so as to maximize on their experience. Travel to Rankin Inlet when it is slightly warm during the months of June 12 to September 14. The rest of the year is super cold in Rankin Inlet.

Rankin - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Rankin Inlet Airport ・Vancouver International airport ・Toronto Pearson International Airport ・Calgary International airport etc.

Flight Routes to Rankin

Rankin Inlet airport is the major airport in Rankin inlet city. There are not so many airlines that fly to Rankin inlet. The major ones that fly there on schedules are American airlines, Delta, Frontier, United airlines and Jetblue. Rankin is not a busy city so there are minimal air routes daily, ticket reservations have to be made prior. The airlines listed have specific travel dates and timings select the one preferred prior as the travel routes to Rankin are not so many.