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City CodeYCG
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time3~9 hours

The flight time to Castlegar is approximately 3~9 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Castlegar.


Castlegar is a town located in British Columbia, Canada. Castlegar is situated midway between Vancouver and Calgary. The city was named Castlegar by Edward Mahon in 1890 after his home in Ireland. Castlegar's economy is mainly driven by forestry, hydroelectricity, mining, and tourism. Some of the places to visit while in Castlegar include Syringa Creek Provincial Park, Castlegar Sculpture walk, Waldie Island and the Columbia River. Castlegar is a great city suitable for many outdoor activities; you will be spoilt for choice. You can go swimming, golfing, cycling, canoeing, fishing or windsurfing.

Voice of Travelers to Castlegar

My first rock climbing experience at Castlegar

After 6 months of saving for my holiday, I finally visited Castlegar. I flew from Calgary to Castlegar by Air Canada. Their cabin crew was warm and accommodating. Our flight was late by fifteen minutes, but they took their time to explain to us. Castlegar was just as I had imagined it to be- peaceful, calm and such a scenic beauty. I had so much to do during my stay in Castlegar. What I had longed for in Castlegar was rock climbing. I visited Arrow Lakes Boulder which is less than an hour from Castlegar for a full-day climb with the guides. Rock climbing was a little bit scary, but it can make me go back to Castlegar one more time.

Three fun-filled days at Castlegar

My most memorable holiday was taking an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Castlegar. The flight was on time. The flight attendants were cheerful, and they had excellent inflight entertainment. Being a nature's enthusiast, the parks and nature trails in Castlegar were a highlight for me. I had three days full of activities. I hiked at the Merry Creek, biked at Selkirk Circuit and camped at the Syringa Creek Provincial Park. Castlegar is a well-designed city that all outdoor fanatics would like. Castlegar is certainly at the top on my must-go cities' list.

Castlegar Travel FAQs

Q. What are the popular attractions in Castlegar?

A. Castlegar is popular for its wildlife viewing, camping, and rock-climbing areas. Champion Lakes Provincial Park is ideal for families. The park has three lakes that have recreational facilities for fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and swimming. Zuckerberg Island is minutes away from Castlegar and has a historical museum house that holds the fondest hisory of Castlegar. The Castlegar Sculpturewalk offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking artwork in Castlegar. The Kootenay Gallery is another major attraction. It has a gift shop, art exhibitions, and live music shows.

Q. What is the weather like in Castlegar?

A. Castlegar experiences hot and dry summers and mild winters. Temperatures range from -6°C(21°F) to 28°C(82°F) throughout the year. Winter begins in December and ends in March and temperature varies from -1°C(31°F) to -6°C(21°F). Castlegar has a relatively warm summer from June to September with temperatures going up to 27°C.

Q. Is there any special documentation required while traveling to Castlegar?

A. For adults, you will need a valid passport, VISA (depending on the country you are coming from), identity card and definetely, a valid air ticket. If you are traveling with a child, the child should also have a passport. Canadian authorities do not allow children to travel using their parents' passports. Keep yourself updated by contacting the immigration offices and embassy from your country to learn about the latest travel requirements.

Q. What should I do if I need to cancel my air ticket to Castlegar?

A. You can contact us or use the airline's website to cancel your ticket. You should cancel at least two hours before departure time. If the ticket is a refundable ticket, you can choose to either get a refund or retain your ticket value for another flight. In the case of a non-refundable ticket, you are allowed to use the value of the unused ticket to purchase a new ticket. Tickets are valid for up to one year. Ensure that you know the ticket type at the time of purchase. Also, note that some airlines may charge a ticket cancellation fee depending on the time of cancellation and ticket type.

Castlegar - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to West Kootenay Regional Airport •Vancouver International Airport •Calgary International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Castlegar

There are two main routes to Castlegar, from Vancouver to Castlegar and from Calgary to Castlegar. Air Canada has regular non-stop flights to Castlegar.