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Saint John

Saint John

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City CodeYSJ
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time3~8 hours

The flight time to Saint John is approximately 3~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Saint John.

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St. John

St. John is the home to the third largest Canada's port. St. John is situated in the Bay of Fundy, in the province of New Brunswick. St John has a population of nearly 70 thousand inhabitants and most of the population in St. John is linked professionally to its harbor.

Voice of Travelers to St. John

Airfare ticket to St. John

I needed to travel to St. John for a birthday party. I booked a ticket last minute with Porter airlines. The ticket was reasonably priced even if I purchased it a day before my flight. The ticket agent offered me the service of fast transfer from St. John airport to the city, so I took it. Parter airlines delivered great service and when I needed to change the ticket date for returning back from St. John, my ticket agent did not take any extras. I recommend Porter airlines for reasonable ticket price even if booked late if you travel to St. John.

Visiting St. John for a congress

I visited St. John last year. I was invited to give a speech at St. John annual congress of medicine, so all my costs were covered by St. John city hall. Thanks to this invitation, I flew with American airlines for free as my ticket was booked for the first class from Washington to Ottawa and then on to St. John. The ticket, I imagine, must have been quite expensive. I did not buy the ticket though, it was pre-arranged for me. The service aboard American Airlines was just great. St. John is a fantastic city and in the free time I purchased a boat ticket for a ride in on the waves of the ocean. I would love to attend the the congress next year as well, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to St. John myself.

St. John Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit St. John?

A. The best time to visit St. John and the New Brunswick province is in the summer time. St. John has clear, sunny weather in the summer as oposed to the autums which tends to be quite wet. If you want to travel to St. John in the summer, bear in mind that a flight ticket to St. John might be more expensive than a ticket purchased in other season.

Q. How can I reach St. John from Ottawa? Where can I get a flight ticket?

A. If you are looking for an airfare ticket from Ottawa to St. John, you should check out the Porter Airlines. Porter has flights to St. John on daily basis, with a return ticket for a reasonable price. Remember that the return ticket is cheaper than a single ticket when purchased separately for your flight to St. John.

Q. Are there any historic sites in St. John?

A. St. John is a historic city which dates back to the 18th century. Many immigrants from Ireland settled in St. John and so the architecture of St. John reflects on the Irish tradition. There are over ten historic monuments in St. John, including Catholic churches which require no entrance ticket if you want to visit them.

St. John - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Saint John Airport ・Ottawa McDonald Cartier International Airport ・Halifax Stanfield International Airport ・Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to St. John

St. John has an airport bearing also the name of St. John, located near the center of St. John city. There are flights from St. John Airport to other airports in Canada, namely to Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal as well as two different airports in Toronto. There is a seasonal flight from St. John to Cayo Coco as well.