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City CodeYQM
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time3~8 hours

The flight time to Moncton is approximately 3~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Moncton.


Moncton city is situated in the Southeastern New Brunswick in Canada. Moncton is the largest city in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick. Moncton City is known as "Most Polite City in Canada". Moncton City has an area of 142 square Kilometers. Moncton City has a population of 71,889 as per the year 2016. Moncton City was first settled in the year 1733.  Moncton City was established in the year 1766.

Voice of Travelers to Moncton

My refreshing visit to Montcon

Travelling is the most refreshing thing one can do especially after many days of hard work. That is the reason I made up my mind to go visiting Moncton City. Moncton City has always been one of my favorite cities in the world. Obtaining a ticket for Moncton City was not a problem because there are so many travel agencies selling the ticket. I got my ticket for travelling to Moncton two weeks before the travel date.

My first visit to Moncton

A few weeks ago I won a free ticket through my local store voucher. Now that I had won a ticket, it was time for me to start preparing to  visit Moncton City.  I was overjoyed about the ticket to Moncton City. I could not hide my joy since it was my first time to get a ticket for Moncton City.  Furthermore it was a return ticket. Luckily for me I had saved some money which I had to use for my upkeep in Moncton City. While at Moncton City I made sure I had explored each and every corner of Moncton City. You should have seen me, I was so excited. Moncton is a beautiful city and in future I definitely get a ticket back to Moncton.

Moncton Travel FAQs

What should one consider when visiting Moncton by flight?

It is always advisable  to book your two weeks earlier. Avoid buying your ticket for Moncton within 24 hours of departure. Airlines normally increase their flight prices within 24 hours.  Also do not buy a ticket to Moncton City too early because airlines hike their ticket prices when first released about 300 days in advance. With this information in mind you can get your ticket for Moncton City at the right time. Visit your international airport or any other airport and get your ticket for Moncton City. Other sources of ticket to Moncton City are online website or travel agencies. Pack light as there are many shopping centers. Remember to carry sunscreen if you are travelling during summer.

What time should arrive at the airport when travelling to Moncton?

Airport policies make it impossible for anyone to arrive late at the airport when travelling. When travelling present your ticket for Moncton early enough to the airport authorities and just relax and wait for your departure to Moncton City. 90 minutes is good enough for you to arrive at the airport with your ticket ready. You can seek for a ticket for Moncton from the airport or from travel agencies in your country.

Q. What is the best season to go to Montcon?

Plan your trip to Moncton within the best season so as to have the most fun. The peak season that is full of activities and festivals is within summer. Summer occurs from April to June. The temperature in Moncton during summer is around 30 degrees celsius. This is when most travelers get their ticket to Moncton.

Moncton - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport ・Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ・Eindhoven Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Moncton

Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport is the major airport in Moncton City. There are several flights that fly to Moncton City.They are as follows: KLM Flights, Westjet Flights, Air Canada, etc. There are many sources of getting a ticket for Moncton City. The other sources of obtaining a ticket for Moncton City are many. A ticket to Moncton City can also got from online website. Make sure you get your ticket at the right time to avoid delays.