The Best Travel Destinations in 2021 Perfect For Those on a Budget

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The Best Travel Destinations in 2021 Perfect For Those on a Budget

As airlines compete to offer the cheapest flight routes and new countries and tourism spots start to open up around the world, travel has never been more affordable. While the classic budget destinations of places like Boracay and Phuket are still highly popular, it's often the less traveled places that leave a lasting impression on travelers around the world. Here are our recommendations for the best up and coming destinations you can travel around easily on a budget in 2020.

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The Best Travel Destinations in 2021 Perfect For Those on a Budget

Sapa, Vietnam

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Vietnam is still one of the cheapest countries to travel around in the world, however there's so much more incredible landscape in the north of the country than just Halong Bay. While sailing around the towering rock islands is an incredible sight to see, the colossal wave of tourism that engulfed the once lazy fishing village often ruins the would-be-serene natural environment. Instead if you're looking for a less touristy getaway to see Vietnam's incredible natural scenery, consider heading into the highlands of Sapa. Here you'll find some of the most beautiful landscape in the world, with dramatic towering mountains decorated with vibrant terraced fields.

Oaxaca, Mexico

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Most visitors to Mexico tend to flock to the coastal resorts when visiting Mexico. Luxury, expensive and devoid of anything remotely Mexican, you might find some of the best beaches there but the narrow window-like view of the local culture and food you'll get is a far cry from the real Mexico. Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment head to the beautiful central city of Oaxaca.

From the colorful colonial buildings lining its streets, friendly locals and one of the most impressive historical sites in the country just a stone's throw away, the city leaves an incredible impression to anyone visiting. Best of all however is the food. One of the main gastronomical centers of Mexico, Oaxacan cuisine is one of the most varied and vibrant of any food you'll find in the Americas. A food lovers paradise, you'll find street stalls and food markets all over the city. Best of all, it's super cheap.

Tbilisi, Georgia

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On the edge of Europe and Asia you'll find the fascinatingly unique nation of Georgia, with traits and influences spanning from both continents, this country and its culture is like nowhere you'll find anywhere else. Its historic capital of Tbilisi is a beautiful yet somewhat charmingly chaotic mix of modern and historical architecture dating from the city's previous Persian and Russian rule.

Sumba, Indonesia

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Sumba is home to some of the most incredible landscape in Indonesia, if not the world. From its beautiful rolling hills and mountains around Bukit Wairinding to the breathtaking waterfalls and jungle scenery in Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park. Here you'll find a wide range of dramatic scenery unparalleled anywhere else around the world. Not to be outdone by Bali it's also home to a unique culture in the Marapu people and a number of beautiful beaches.

Transylvania, Romania

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It's about time this fascinating Eastern Europe nation became a popular tourist destination, still being one of the most underrated areas in Europe. The country is covered in incredible mountain scenery, picturesque villages and castles, but none more so than the region of Transylvania. More commonly known for being associated as the home of vampires, Transylvania is full of beautiful landscape easily rivaling more popular destinations like Italy and Switzerland. Romania is also one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe, even more so if you get out of the capital Bucharest to explore the Romanian countryside.

Cartagena, Colombia

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Colombia has spent the last decade trying to shed its dark image from its rocky, violent history during the country's struggle with its drug lords. Nowadays you'll find it's just as safe as other popular South American countries and with a range of incredible destinations, a unique, vibrant Latin culture and delicious spread of local cuisine, Colombia is one of the most entertaining places on earth. An intriguing mix of the traditional colonial town meets modern Colombian city, the coastal town of Cartagena offers a little bit of everything. Stick to the delicious local cuisine and budget lodgings and a trip to Colombia can be ridiculously cheap.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Even in the last few years, much of Africa is still rarely traveled to compared to other places around the world, with countries like Kenya and Tanzania known and loved for its exotic wildlife and safari tours. Such countries offer so much more throughout their vast borders however and a perfect example is the picture-perfect island of Zanzibar. Offering some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world alongside its historical, charming stone-built towns, this island is a beautiful paradise that warrants being much more popular than it is. Known as the Spice Island, as you might expect from the name, you'll also find a delicious spread of food on offer here, much of it focused on freshly caught seafood from the surrounding Indian Ocean.


It's often the cheaper destinations that get swarmed with travelers looking for unique experiences that can still be done on a shoestring. Visiting these places we've listed her allow for that without the crowds you'll find at more popular tourist hot spots. Make sure to visit these places quickly, in the next few years these amazing destinations are sure to increase in popularity.