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Aberdeen (South Dakota)

Aberdeen (South Dakota)

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City CodeABR
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Aberdeen (South Dakota) is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Aberdeen (South Dakota).


Aberdeen is a city located in the state of South Dakota, in the USA. Aberdeen has population of over 40 thousand inhabitants. Aberdeen is called the college town because it is home to the Northern State University as well as the Presentation College.

Voice of Travelers to Aberdeen

Visiting Aberdeen from Minneapolis on a return ticket

I bought a ticket for a flight with Delta Connection from Minneapolis to Aberdeen last summer. The flight was not very long and as it was sunny on the way to Aberdeen, there were great views - totally worth the ticket price. This was my second time in Aberdeen and I decided to reach Aberdeen on a plane rather than on train, for a change. The flight ticket to Aberdeen was quite expensive, so I expected great service on board, which was delivered. The airfare ticket was purchased online, and it was a return ticket which allowed me to enjoy Aberdeen for three full days. The airlines has a free shuttle from Aberdene included in the price of the ticket. Overall, this trip to Aberdeen was a nice and unique experience.

Flying to Aberdeen for a short visit

I flew on a ticket to Aberdeen to visit a friend who had had a surgery. I flew from Minneapolis to Aberdeen with Delta Connection. I bought the ticket several nights before my flight through an online ticket portal. It was an electronic ticket so unlike with my other flights, this time I did not have to print my ticket, I just showed the ticket bar code at the airport. The flight to Aberdeen was pleasant and so was the service aboard the Delta Connection. My flight back from Aberdeen was at night and once again, I did not have to present the ticket, only the bar code. I will use the same ticket portal again if flying to Aberdeen as it was a great experience.

Aberdeen Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Aberdeen?

A. Aberdeen is great in any season. In the summer there are festivals and happenings in Aberdeen. Spring time is ideal for visiting Aberdeen and its sites. While Aberdeen can get pretty crowded over Christmas time, it is also reflected in the price of the airfare ticket - the most expensive is the flight ticket at the time of Christmas, but the ticket price remains high in the summer months as well. The cheapest time to visit Aberdeen is in January and February when the price of the ticket as well as the price of a hotel room comes to its lowest.

Q. What is the best type of transportation within Aberdeen?

A. Ride Line Transportation Services provide the regular and schedule public transport in Aberdeen. The have bus transport with ticket booths in public places where you can buy your bus ticket to take a ride. The bus transportation in Aberdeen is very efficient and ecological.

Q. What is there to see in Aberdeen?

A. Aberdeen is a historic city, first settled in the 18th century. Today, Aberdeen is mostly know for its sport centers, gold courses and skateboarding opportunities. There is also a great hang-out center called the Wylie Park Recreation Area with the possibility of go-kart racing. Storybook Land in Aberdeen is a local amusement park for children. If you like the nature, then Richmond Lake will be ideal for you.

Aberdeen - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Aberdeen Regional Airport ・Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Aberdeen

Flights from Aberdeen are dispatched from Aberdeen Airport, located about four kilometers from downtown Aberdeen. Aberdeen airport is a small regional airport with only one regular flight service. The destination for which flights from Aberdeen are operated at this time is Minneapolis/St.Paul. For other flights, the inhabitants of Aberdeen use other, more distant airports.