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City CodeSEA
Popular Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
Flight Time2~4 hours

The flight time to Seattle is approximately 2~4 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Seattle.

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Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington. There are over seven hundred thousand inhabitants living in Seattle. Seattle lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Seattle is also called the Emerald City.

Voice of Travelers to Seattle

Airfare ticket to Seattle

I recently visited Seattle as part of my tour of the Pacific coast of the United States of America. I bought a ticket with Emirate Airlines from Abu Dhabi to New York, and then a ticket from New York to Seattle. I flew from New York to Seattle with American Airlines. While the ticket with Emirates Airlines was quite expensive, the second ticket with American Airlines from New York to Seattle was much cheaper. Both Emirates and American Airlines were a great experience with good food on board, so I do not regret the money I paid for my ticket. Flying to Seattle as well as booking through a ticket portal was a new experience for me.

Visiting Seattle with a return ticket

I visited Seattle on my own last month. I always wanted a short vacation in Seattle so I was searching for a cheap ticket. It seemed for a long time that a cheap ticket to Seattle simply did not exist. Two months ago, however, I reasearched an online ticket portal and I found a ticket to Seattle for only 140 Dollars. I bought the flight from Los Angeles to Seattle because of the cheap ticket right away. Then, I couldn't find a cheap ticket back to Los Angeles. So instead, I flew with American Eagle to San Francisco and then I continues to Los Angeles on a train. American Eagle is a great airline for cheap flights withing the United States.

Seattle Travel FAQs

Q. Is Seattle a cheap city to visit?

A. Seattle can be quite cheap if you do your research ahead of time. First, you need to buy an airfare ticket for a good price. Consider visiting a ticket a ticket agent or research the most common online ticket portals. Besides the airfare ticket, you will need to book an accommodation quite ahead of time for best prices as Seattle hotels fill very quickly. Then, you will need some money for spending in Seattle, but in many historic sites, there is not entrance ticket to be paid. Istanbul can thus be a quite cheap place for a visit.

Q. Does it rain a lot in Seattle?

A. Thanks to the oceanic climate, it does rain a lot in Seattle in all the seasons except for the summer. Seattle is also the most cloudy city in the United States and it might experience hurricanes as well. Summer, therefore is the prime touristic period in Seattle which might influence the price of your airfare ticket if you do not book it ahead of time.

Q. How much does the ticket from Tacoma airport to the Seattle city center cost?

A.There is a possibility of light rail public transit from the Tacoma Airport to downtown Seattle, called the SeaTac. The price of a ticket to use on SeaTac is determined by the distance you cover. That means, you ticket to the center of Seattle might not have the same price as if you get off the the southern neighborhoods of Seattle. For ticket prices, consult SeaTac directly.

Seattle - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Seattle - Tacoma International Airport ・Miami Airport ・Dubai International Airport ・Frankfurt International Airport

Flight Routes to Seattle

Seattle is served by Seattle - Tacoma International airports which receives flights from a whole range of domestic and international destinations. There are flights to Seattle from European, Asias and well as South American continent.