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City CodeAVP
Popular Airlines
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Flight Time1~6 hours

The flight time to Wilkes-Barre is approximately 1~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Wilkes-Barre.


Wilkes-Barre is one of the cities in Pennsylvania and is located within the Luzerne county. Wilkes-Barre is one of the main cities in the Scranton-Wlikes-Barre-Hazletom metropolitan. Wilkes-Barre has a population of around 41,498 people according to the census in 2010. This population is the fourth largest in the area. Wilkes-Barre was founded in the year 1769 and was officially opened in 1806. Wilkes-Barre is 7.38 squared miles in size. Wilkes-Barre discovered anthracite coal during the 19th century which lead to a spurge of increase in population. Wilkes-Barre was nicknamed "Diamond City" due to the mining activities in the city.

Voice of Travelers to Wilkes-Barre

Free vacation in Wilkes-Barre

My name is Daniel. I won a free trip to Wilkes-Barre where all my expenses were fully paid including the air ticket, visa and accommodation. I was not expecting the free trip to Wilkes-Barre as I had never thought the lotteries work. I had never won anything in my life before I won my free ticket for Wilkes-Barre. The ticket to Wilkes-Barre was by United airlines. I went to their offices after they called me to collect my ticket and the accomodation details. I was to travel within two weeks so I had to get everything ready. The time came and I travelled with a ticket from Delta airlines. I arrived in the airport in Wilkes-Marre and was picked by the arranged taxi to my hotel in Host Inn All Suites. My stay was short and perfect. Wilkes-Barre was the trip I needed to clear my head.

Family trip to Wilkes-Barre

My family decided to take a trip to Wilkes-Barre for the holidays. We managed to get a discounted ticket for everyone from Delta airlines. The service was impeccable in the plane. We arrived in Wilkes-Barre after a couple of hours. The breeze of air when we arrived was refreshing.We went to our hotel in Wilkes-barre immediately we arrived at the airport. The hotel was a four star called Hilton Garden Inn Wilkes-Barre. The hotel had very delicious food and the rooms were clean and neat. We managed to hike a hill on the next day and chilled in the seven tubs natural area for some needed meditation. After five days we traveled back home and the air ticket was by the same airline.

Wilkes-Barre Travel FAQs

Q. What are the best hotels in Wilkes-Barre?

A. Once someone acquires an air ticket the next step is to get the right accommodation. There are several hotels in Wilkes-Barre where you can seek accommodation. Some of the famous hotels in Wilkes-Barre include Holiday Inn Wilkes-Barre East Mountain, Fairfield Inn & Suites Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Hilton Garden Inn Wilkes-Barre, Hampton Inn & Suites Wilkes-Barre and Holiday Inn Express Wilkes-Barre East.

Q. What is the best season to go to Wilkes-Barre?

A. The temperatures that are most suitable and comfortable in Wilkes-Barre are during the months of July and August. The temperatures within those months is bearable in Wilkes-barre. The other suitable months to visit Wilkes-Barre is during the months of May, June, September and October. The temperatures are a bit cooler within these months. Get your ticket during either of the seasons listed. Before you plan your ticket make sure you check the weather and peak season.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Wilkes-Barre?

A. There are many tourist attractions in Wilkes-Barre where tourists can visit. The tourist attractions include Seven Tubs Natural area, F. M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
which has live performances every Friday, Mohegan Sun Pocono, Kirby Park and the little theater of Wilkes-Barre. Get a ticket and visit these tourist sites.

Wilkes-Barre - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport ・Orlando Sanford International Airport ・Charlotte Douglas International Airport ・Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Wilkes-Barre

The major airport in Wilkes-Barre is . There are so many air routes that will lead you to Wilkes-Barre. These air routes can be accessed with the acquisition of a related air ticket. The major airlines to Wilkes-Barre include Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines. There are several ways of acquiring an air ticket.