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Dodge City (Kansas)

Dodge City (Kansas)

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City CodeDDC
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Flight Time7~8 hours

The flight time to Dodge City (Kansas) is approximately 7~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dodge City (Kansas).

Dodge City

Dodge City is in Kansas, United States. Dodge City was named after Fort Dodge which in turn was named after General Grenville M. Dodge. Dodge City was established in 1871 by Henry Silter, when he built a house near Fort Dodge to oversee his cattle. The house became a stop over for travelers, and some settled in the area for trade. Dodge City has since grown significantly in livestock-raising industry. Dodge city is home to one of the largest art collections in the world. The Boot Hill Museum contains thousands of artifacts and exhibits displaying the culture of Dodge City.

Voice of Travelers to Dodge City

Wax Museum in Dodge City

My son had been reading a lot about Dodge City gunfighters, marshalls and gangsters for long and was really talking about the city. We decided to visit the city for a weekend off. We traveled by air with PenAir. We had a good time on board as they had very interesting in flight entertainment. We reached in Dodge City on time. The first place that we visited was the Gunfighters Wax Museum and combined it with Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame. The wax museum had life-size wax figures of famous, and infamous, cowboys of the Old West. My son had a good time in this museum and also at the Boot Hill Museum. We also visited Fort Dodge, Boot Hill Antiques, and Dodge City Zoo.

Family Holiday in Dodge City

We used to live in Dodge City in the 80s. My husband and I decided to revisit the town on his 60th birthday. We traveled by PenAir. Both the ground staff and flight attendants were exceptional. We arrived in Dodge City and stayed at LaQuinta Inn. We were amazed that Dodge City had still preserved its history as well as when we were here. We went down the street that our house was and was still as beautiful as in the 80s. We visited Fort Dodge, Boot Hill Museum, Home of Stone, and Dodge City Trail of Fame. We went shopping at the Boot Hill Antiques. They had a good collection of reasonably priced antiques.

Dodge City Travel FAQs

Q. Which are the best places to visit in Dodge City?

A. We suggest that you visit.Boot Hill Museum has exhibits, artifacts, audiovisual programs and, in the summer, stagecoach rides and mock gunfights.Home of Stone is a sample of a home in the 1800s. It is fully furnished with the 1800s furniture and clothing. This home will make you experience what life was like in Dodge City in the 19th Century.Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the ancient teaching profession.Dodge City Zoo, is right in the city and has over 45 types of mammals and birds.Longhorn Park has an interesting display of longhorn cattle, buffalos and calves.

Q. What is the weather like in Dodge City?

A. In Dodge City, summer is hot and mostly clear. The winter is chilly, snowy, and partly cloudy. Temperature in Dodge City varies from 22°F to 93°F throughout the year. The hot season from June to September while the cold season lasts from November to February. In Dodge City, there are tons of activities for both winter and summer. Summer is most preferred time by most tourists. However, Dodge city has various places for exciting indoor and outdoor activities for winter.

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Dodge City - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dodge City Regional Airport •Denver International Airport

Flight Routes to Dodge City

The main air route to Dodge City is Denver- Dodge City. This air route is served at Dodge City Regional Airport by PenAir Airline.