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City CodeIPT
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time2~6 hours

The flight time to Williamsport is approximately 2~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Williamsport.


Williamsport is a great city located in Pennsylvania within the county seat of Lycoming. Williamsport has a population of 117,000 according to the last census count in the year 2009. The city of Williamsport has been known over the years as a lumber industry city. Williamsport was first inhabited in the 18th Century by Americans. Williamsport began to prosper within the 20th century due to the successful industry. Williamsport is in 9.43 square miles size. Williamsport is the birthplace of the series of Little League Baseball, It hosts the event yearly where many tourists get the air ticket to witness the games.

Voice of Travelers to Williamsport

Little League baseball for my son

Hi my name is Jake Louis. My son is a great baseball player and he loves the sport more than anything in the world. he was selected to represent his team in a match within the Little League Baseball in Williamsport. It was during summer when we acquired the air ticket for Williamsport. We had bought the ticket for Delta airlines. The airline had nice seats and I enjoyed the additional headrest during the trip to Williamsport. The city was quite busy when we arrived. There were so many baseball fans with baseball attire roaming in the streets. Williamsport hosts the greatest baseball event where tourists get air ticket from all over the United States to watch. We were to stay in Williamsport for a week as I could not get longer leave days from work. The hotel we booked in Williamsport was called Surestay Signature Collection Genetti Hotel by Best Western. It was summer in Williamsport when we travelled there and the heat was insane. My son played well and we left Williamsport with a trophy. The last ticket back was by Multiple airlines who had one free ticket for everyone who had won a medal during the games.

Day Trip to Williamsport

I had taken leave from work for the next two weeks when I decided to enjoy a day trip to Williamsport with my girlfriend. The plan was to get a ticket in and out of Williamsport within a day. We would then visit the major tourist attractions in Williamsport. The day finally came we boarded our air ticket via Delta airlines, from whom we had also acquired the return ticket. The trip was short and we arrived in Williamsport in an hour. We went round different attractions such as the Community Arts center and Thomas Museum. We finally had late lunch at Comfort Inn Williamsport before boarding the ticket home via Delta Airlines.

Williamsport Travel FAQs

Q. How is the climate in Williamsport?

Williamsport gets average rainfall in a year around 42 inches. Snowfall during winter is around 33 inches. On average the city of Williamsport has over one hundred and eighty sunny days in a year. The temperature during the peak of Summer in July is 84 degree. The lows of winter get to 18 degrees.Williamsport has a high score index for all year round comfortability in weather. This means you can almost get your ticket during any month.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Williamsport?

A. The list of tourist attractions in Williamsport are inspire your creativity at the Community Arts Center, have a romantic getaway at the Boats Tour, get entertained at the Community Theater League, get drunk at the Mountain Top Distillery and finally relax your mind at the Susquehanna Riverwalk. You have to travel to these attraction sites once you get your ticket for Williamsport.

Q. What is the best season to get your ticket for Williamsport?

A. The peak tourist season in williamsport is during the summer. There are several festivals, activities and games during the summer months in Williamsport. If you acquire your ticket during this season you will not fail to get activities to indulge in.

Williamsport - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Williamsport Regional Airport ・Philadelphia International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Williamsport

The main airport in Williamsport is Williamsport Regional Airport. There are several airlines that can take you to this major airport in Williamsport. These airlines can be accessed with the acquisition of an air ticket from the right source. The major airlines that will lead you to Williamsport area Southern airlines, American airlines, Delta airlines and United airlines. There are several ways of acquiring your air ticket for the region.