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Springfield (Illinois)

Springfield (Illinois)

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City CodeSPI
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Springfield (Illinois) is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Springfield (Illinois).


The city of Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois. Furthermore, Springfield is the county seat of the Sangamon County. Based on a 2016 estimate, Springfield has a population of more than 115,000 making it the sixth largest city in the state. Dubbed as the Flower City, Springfield is widely popular because it was the home of President Abraham Lincoln. The economy of Springfield is helmed by sectors such as the field of medicine, and government jobs, among others.

Voice of Travelers to Springfield

Field trip at Springfield

My name is Victor, a teacher from Orlando. Last school year, I planned booking a ticket to Springfield, Illinois with my students to learn more about the life of President Lincoln. Since there were a few of my students who wanted to go, our trip continued but with their parents’ supervision. We booked a ticket to Springfield from Allegiant Air. Thanks to the attendants who are on the plane at the time, my students felt safe and relaxed during our whole trip. When we have arrived at Springfield, we explored several attractions which may have held significance in the late president’s life. One of which is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. We availed of a ticket to be able to enter. The place was informative. Some of the exhibits were life like. The two movies were entertaining as well. I hoped my students learned a lot. I will be booking another ticket to Springfield next school year for my next set of students.

Stress free getaway to Springfield

Hello, I am Anthony from Chicago. I booked a plane ticket going to Springfield and spend a few days there to relieve myself from stress brought about by work. It was one weekday when I booked a plane ticket to Springfield via United Express. I was stressed when I boarded the plane, but thanks to the comfort provided by the staff, my stress level decreased. When I have arrived at Springfield, I explored several attractions in Springfield. One of them is the Henson Robinson Zoo. I availed of a ticket to enter the zoo. When I have entered the zoo, I was happily welcomed with several animal species. It was actually entertaining to be observing animals in their replicated habitats. I felt my stress levels decrease further. I visited other historic attractions after. One of which is the Dana-Thomas House. What a fruitful trip to Springfield. I will surely book a ticket back to the city.

Springfield Travel FAQs

Q. Do I need a ticket in order to fly to Springfield?

A. Indeed, you have to prepare a ticket to be able to fly to Springfield. You can avail of a ticket to Springfield from the three airlines that fly to and from the city. If you live in places where such airlines are unavailable, you may still book a ticket to Springfield by inquiring for a connecting flight ticket from the airlines near you. You can also seek for assistance from travel agencies such as this one regarding the processing of a ticket going to Springfield. You should also consider taking a look at cheaper ticket prices online.

Q. Do I need a visa in order to enter Springfield?

A. The need for a visa depends on your citizenship. If you are an American citizen, you can book a plane ticket and travel to Springfield without needing a visa. But if you are not an American citizen, you have to apply for a visa in order to book a ticket to Springfield. Such visa may be secured by accomplishing embassy requirements. Furthermore, a valid passport and a plane ticket are also needed for your trip to Springfield. In certain instances, those who are not citizens of the United States can still be able to book a ticket to Springfield without a visa through the Visa Waiver Program, only if the purpose include tourism and business.

Q. What are top attractions in Springfield?

A. When you are planning to book a plane ticket to Springfield, you should consider visiting attractions such as The Edwin Watts Southwind Park at Erin’s Pavilio, a park ideal for kids. You may avail of an entrance ticket to be able to visit important historic museums such as Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and Dana-Thomas House. Attractions related to President Lincoln involves Lincoln Home National Historic Site and Lincoln Tomb & War Memorials. For those who are seeking a light adventure, you may try Knight’s Action Park & Caribbean Water Adventure.

Springfield - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport ・Orlando Sanford International Airport (Sanford, Florida) ・Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Texas, United States) ・O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, Illinois) ・Punta Gorda Airport (Punta Gorda, Florida)

Flight Routes to Springfield

When booking a ticket to Springfield, it is essential to identify the air routes to and from the city. Airline companies such as Allegiant Air, American Eagle, and United Express let you avail of a ticket to Springfield. Such airline companies may also allow you to book a ticket from Springfield to destinations such as Orlando, Dallas, and Chicago, respectively.