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Sheridan (Wyoming)

Sheridan (Wyoming)

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City CodeSHR
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time5~6 hours

The flight time to Sheridan (Wyoming) is approximately 5~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Sheridan (Wyoming).


Sheridan is located in the very heart of the state of Wyoming, in the USA. There are over seventeen thousand inhabitants living in Sheridan. Sheridan is situated at the foothils of the Bighorn Mountains.

Voice of Travelers to Sheridan

Airfare ticket to Sheridan with Key Lime Air

I needed to travel to Sheridan for a wedding of my best friend. I booked a ticket last minute with Key Lime Air. The ticket to Sheridan was reasonably priced even if I purchased it a day before my flight. The ticket agent offered me the service of fast transfer from Sheridan airport to the city, so I took it. Key Lime Air gave a good service which I thought was adequate, given the price of the airfare ticket. I decided to change the ticket date for returning back from Sheridan eventually. My ticket agent did not take any extras. I recommend Key Lime Air for reasonable ticket price even if booked late if you travel to Sheridan.

Visiting Sheridan for the rodeo

I visited Sherida last year for the rodeo. I was invited to the rodeo by my cousing who works for the airline company, so he paid for my airfare ticket. Thanks to this invitation, I flew to Sheridan with Key Lime Air without having to buy any ticket from Denver to Sheridan. The ticket, wasn't probably very cheap. I did not buy the ticket though, so I could just wonder about the ticket price. The service aboard Key LIme Air was very good. Sheridan is a stunning place and the rodeo was great albeit its entrance ticket was quite pricey. I would love to attend the rodeo next year as well, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to Sheridan myself, on top of the rodeo ticket.

Sheridan Travel FAQs

Q. Is there snow in the winter in Sheridan?

A. Sheridan does receive snowfall in the winter. In January, for example, there are about six or seven snowy days on average. Snow remains in Sheridan, most of the time till april when the temperatures rise up to 20 degrees Celsius.

Q. What fun activities can be done in Sheridan?

A. Among the fun activities that Sheridan offers is the Brinton Museum and its display of American Indian Art which can be visited daily with an entrance ticket purchased right at the site. Another fun activity in the Sheridan WYO Rodeo, happening each July in Sheridan and lasting for a week. You will need to purchase your ticket ahead of your arrival to Sheridan as this is one of the top rodeo in all of the USA. Sheridan also has special charm whether you come in the summer of in the winter, but secure your flight ticket ahead of time as there are not that many regular flights in operation to Sheridan.

Q. Can I use public transportation to move around Sheridan?

A. Sheridan has a very good system of public transportation around the city. It is provided by the Arrow Stage lines for the busses and the Sheridan Trolley for the trolleys which run in the summer season. A ticket can be purchased right at the bus or the trolley.

Sheridan - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Sheridan County Airport ・Denver International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Sheridan

The closest airport to the city of Sheridan is bearing also the name of Sheridan County Airport, located near the Sheridan city. Flights from Sheridan are operated the only destination at the moment, and that being the Denver International Airport. This flight connection between Sheridan and Denver is operated by Key Lime Air.