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Cordova (Alaska)

Cordova (Alaska)

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City CodeCDV
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Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Cordova (Alaska) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Cordova (Alaska).


Cordova is situated in the southeastern end of Prince William Sound in Alaska. It is really important to know that Cordova is not connected by roads with other cities. So, if you want to travel there, you'll need a plane or ferry ticket. Cordova is a really small town, in 2010 it has only 2,239 inhabitants. The subpolar oceanic climate makes from Cordova a city with heavy rainfall and cool temperatures. Winter temperatures reach lows of −9.5°C and the warmest summer temperatures are around 23°C. .

Voice of Travelers to Cordova

To to take a ticket to Cordova or not?

Just a simple search for Cordova on Google will make you to want to buy a ticket to go there. I am a person who likes the adventure and to experience less common holiday destinations. I choose to buy a ticket to Cordova because I wanted to see how other people are living in totally different climate conditions. Cordova is a small city between mountains, but it can cut your breath away, not just because the subpolar climate. Waking up in the morning and seeing all that natural beauty can create addiction. Eyack River was by best friend in Cordova, it is ideal for rafting. If you are asking yourself what they are eating I can tell you that I have eaten fish everyday. I'll definitely buy a ticket to come back here next winter. Cordova is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, and extreme skiing.

With my family in Alaska

Last spring, me and my familly decided to buy a ticket to Cordova. My son is passionate about birds and he read on the internet about how amazing the birds immigration it's looking on Cordova. We had less expensive tickets, as I had some vouchers with Alaska Airlines. It was a 6 hours flight from Chicago to Anchorage and from there we took another ticket to Cordova airport, in 46 minutes we were there. My wife bought the tickets to Shorebird Festival with some days before the departure to Cordova. It was a great experience for everybody. We had better weather than we expected, 15 °C with sun. Cordova has offered us the possibility do do a lot of outside activities: we ride the bikes, we were fishing and we bought tickets to all touristic events that had place in Cordova.

Cordova Travel FAQs

Q. When to buy a ticket to Cordova?

A. Cordova has a subpolar oceanic climate. The temperatures in the summer can be compared with those one from Western Europe at the end of autumn. In July and August Cordova has temperatures who could rich 20 °C. When you'll buy your ticket to Cordova it's better to know what do you want to do in Cordova. If you want to enjoy the nature, buy your ticket between May and September. If you want to enjoy the snow, you should take your ticket in the winter period. Cordova is flexible when it comes about out door activities.

Q. What to do in Cordova?

A. If you didn't took your ticket to Cordova yet, you can consider to take the ticket in the spring. There are millions of birds who are migrating and stop along Copper River Delta in Cordova. The people from Cordova have a festival for this event, it is named Shorebird Festival.You'll need to buy a ticket in advance for joining, the price of the ticket is around 75$. If you are a mushroom lover, you'll find in Cordova the festival who'll suits your passion perfectly: Girdwood Fungus Fair, if you bought your ticket for late August, we'll arrive at perfect time to enjoy the workshops and the guided mushroom walks.

Q. It's easy to find accomodation in Cordova?

A. If you buy a ticket plane to Cordova during August and September, due to the Silver Salmon sport fishing, you should know that the rooms become scarce, so it's better to reserve with some time in advance for those months. Other summer dates are usually easy to find a room in Cordova, unless it is during a special event of festival. There are only about 120 rooms in the entire Cordova, and the largest hotel has 40. Cordova Chamber of Commerce has on it's site a complete list with hotels and B&B's. Take your ticket plane after you find a room.

Cordova - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport(ANC) ・Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) Dallas (DFW) ・Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) etc.

Flight Routes to Cordova

The closest airport to Cordova, Alaska is Merle K. Airport. Cordova is at 11 miles away from this airport. From Cordova you can find direct ticket only for flights to Anchorage Airport, which is the biggest international airport in the area. You can buy your ticket to Cordova with American Airlines or Alaska Airlines, the ticket price being pretty the same.