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City CodeSMF
Popular Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
Flight Time1~8 hours

The flight time to Sacramento is approximately 1~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Sacramento.

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Sacramento is the capital city of California, a U.S. State. It is perched at the confluence of two giant rivers; American River & Sacramento River. The city has a great mixture of modern & ancient architecture that makes it a popular tourist spot. It s also the largest region in the California’s central valley. There are several museums in the city that showcase the art of the great golden days. The city is also home to the California State University & National Basket Ball Association’s Sacramento Kings. As per the 2010 census, Sacramento is the 19th most populated metropolitan area in the United States of America.

Voice of Travelers to Sacramento

The adventure diary of Sacramento

Hi, I am Jacob from Newark. I was in Sacramento last year with a group of friends to have some great time. And trust us, we all enjoyed being to this city. We bought the ticket to Sacramento quite in advance as one of my colleagues told me how he was not able to but ticket at the last moment. As soon as we land to Sacramento we started to feel the warmth of the city. There are many great places to visit as well as cool bars to hangout. You can also buy a local tour ticket and enjoy the whole day. I and my friends have planned to buy a ticket of Sacramento this year as well. As soon as we will find a ticket at a good price we will go Sacramento again. Last time we booked a ticket online and got some great discount, let’s see what price we get a ticket for Sacramento this time.

A sudden trip to Sacramento

Hi, this is Susan and I had a quick chance to visit Sacramento last summer. Yes, I was there in summer and it was all fun. I was planning my summer vacations when I got a free ticket to Sacramento. I was more than happy to receive the ticket as Sacramento was always on my list of places to visit but somehow I wasn’t able to plan a trip to Sacramento. The trip was so sudden that I couldn’t even shop for my vacations; The ticket I got was a gift from my aunt for my birthday. It was a costly ticket that I would have never been able to afford. So, the value of the ticket to Sacramento was huge to me. Finally, I visited my dream place and had all the fun that I could. Hope to visit Sacramento soon and this time I will buy the ticket.

Sacramento Travel FAQs

Q. How to buy a ticket to Sacramento?

A. If you are planning a visit to Sacramento, you must buy a ticket of some good airlines. There are many airlines that sell a ticket online as well as through their physical store. To ensure that you grab the best price for the ticket, we recommend you to buy the ticket well in advance. You must start searching for the ticket in best price months before the visit. This way you will get a ticket to Sacramento in cheap price.

Q. What is the best time to visit Sacramento?

A. Sacramento has pleasant weather around the year; however, if you are planning to buy a ticket, you must book ticket during the month of April to June or September. Booking a ticket to Sacramento during these months will offer you an opportunity to see Sacramento at its best.

Q. What are the major attractions of Sacramento?

A. Sacramento is one great place to visit because of its rich tourist's spots. There are many archaeological buildings as well as parks in Sacramento that you must see during your visit. Some of the popular spots include California State Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento State Historic Park, California State Capitol, Sutter's Fort, Crocker Art Museum, etc. Some of the places are free to visit while others charge the ticket. Book your air ticket to Sacramento and have a great time.

Sacramento - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Sacramento International Airport • Atlanta, GA, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport • Baltimore, MD, Baltimore–Washington International Airport • Denver, CO, Denver International Airport • Newark, NJ, Newark Liberty International Airport

Flight Routes to Sacramento

There are many air routes that take you to the incredible city of Sacramento. The Sacramento International Airport facilitates many nonstop & direct flights to most of the North American region and connecting flights to other destinations. There are a number of airlines serving the needs of the commuters to & from Sacramento; this includes, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, and Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, The Horizon, Jet Blue and much more. You can buy the ticket to Sacramento by visiting the office of these airlines or through their online portal. Book the ticket in advance to ensure you get a deal for your ticket.