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Kearney (Nebraska)

Kearney (Nebraska)

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City CodeEAR
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time4~7 hours

The flight time to Kearney (Nebraska) is approximately 4~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Kearney (Nebraska).


Kearney is a city in Bufallo County, Nebraska, United States. Kearney serves as the county seat of Bufallo County. Its population according to the 2010 census was 30,787. It sits on an approximate area of 13.00 sq mi (33.67 sq km). Kearney is located on the north side of the Platte River. The railroad influenced the establishment of Kearney. It is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney

Voice of Travelers to Kearney

Kearney is a realy fantastic place

This week I visited Kearney in Nebraska and it is a really fantastic place. I live in Denver, Colorado,and so I could buy a direct flight ticket to Kearney Regional Airport. I booked my ticket online and arrived on time for my flight. On arriving in Kearney, I took a cab to The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument Archway which is three miles east of Kearney. It sits directly over Interstate 80. There are many exhibits with explanations on the History of Kearney. From there I visited Yanney Park, which is 10 minutes from I-80, and where you'll find nice playgrounds, a splash pad for the kids, an outdoor gym, an observatory, and fishing for fun. I realy enjoyed my time in Kearney city.

Good memories of Kearney

I have good memeories of Kearney, Nebraska. I went there with a community group in Omaha and had lot of fun. We booked our ticket early enough.We arrived at Eppley Airfield around one and hours before the flight. This was to ensure we had enough time to check-in at the airline ticket counter. We departed at around 6:00 am and landed in Kearney as scheduled. The city of Kearney features over 18 miles of historical trails which gave us a perfect opprotunity for our rollerblading and mountain biking activities. We also went to the the Kearney Community Theater and were treated to a very hilarious play. In the evening, we visited Hammon park, and we enjoyed on the Olympic size swimming pool. The guys in our park enjoyed playing on the tennis and basketball courts. I will readily jump on any opportunity to go back to Kearney.

Kearney Travel FAQs

Q. What ticketing information should I be aware of?

A. An air ticket enables you to fly from one location to another. You can book a ticket via an online ticket system or buy a paper ticket from ticket agents located inside the airport or at various ticket centers in town. An electronic ticket ie easy to book than a paper ticket and so it's the most convenient ticket of the two. Most ticket counters are closed 30 minutes prior to all flights, so it is advisable to book your ticket early enough to avoid missing a flight as you have to clear with the airline ticket conter. You will be forced to buy another ticket though you already spent money to buy the first ticket.

Q. Are regional airlines safe and convenient?

A. Yes. The safety record of all regional airlines does not vary from that of major airlines in terms pilot training, safety equipment, and dispatching procedures. Pilots have to complete extensive training procedures and are tested by FAA examiners every six months. Again, most regional airline flights are coordinated with major airlines through code-sharing alliances. So if you're having doubts on booking

Q. Which are the famous sites in Kearney?

A. Kearney is filled with historical and cultural museums such the Museum of Nebraska Art and a Classsic automotive meseum. The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument in Kearney is also a famous architectural landmark containing items on 19th-century western migration. Recreational parks in Kearney are Harmon Park and Yanney Park. There are also family-friendly activities and unique shopping venues in downtown Kearney such as “The Bricks” and the Hilltop Mall, oferring local wines and good Nebraska beef.

Kearney - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kearney Regional Airport ・Denver International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Kearney

To visit Kearney, you buy an air ticket to land at Kearney Regional Airport. You can book a ticket through Penair, Expedia and Orbitz, for a direct flight form Denver International airport to Kearney. You can buy a Penair ticket from Western Nebraska Regional Airport, with a stop at Denver enroute to Kearney. You can also fly to Kearney on a United airline ticket from Eppley Airfield, Omaha.