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City CodeMKE
Popular Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
Flight Time2~4 hours

The flight time to Milwaukee is approximately 2~4 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee is derived from the Algonquin word "millioke", meaning good, beautiful and pleasant land. Milwaukee arose from a collection of scattered settlements on a site that belonged to the native American tribes; the area is now known as eastern Wisconsin. The first inhabitants of Milwaukee were native American tribes. The Milwaukee area also became the final destination of many German immigrants who flew away from revolution in 1848, and the city's German heritage is widely observable in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bar association is the fourth oldest in the U.S. Milwaukee city hall in Milwaukee was the tallest habitable building in the world upon its completion.

Voice of Travelers to Milwaukee

Attractions in Milwaukee

I bought my ticket from Dallas through American Airlines and booked a flight to Milwaukee, a city with beautiful attractions. A large collection and A-list art is located in an architectural landmark at Milwaukee Art Museum; you can also experience a wildlife park with a carousel at Milwaukee county zoo. I went around several museums, like the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson museum and the Milwaukee public museum. Milwaukee also have many different parks, like Bay Beach amusement park, Milwaukee Cathedral Square Park and Milwaukee Lakeshore State Park. Milwaukee also has great gardens such as Boerner Botanical Gardens. I had a great time during my holiday at Milwaukee.

Onboard services during a flight to Milwaukee

I booked my ticket for a flight to Milwaukee from New York City through Delta airlines. It was a great and enjoyable flight, as the services onboard were fantastic. The cabin crew did their work as everyone would expect them to. They were always available whenever any passenger required their services. The crew made every passenger enjoy the flight until we landed Milwaukee city. I went around the city as I had gone before for a holiday, and saw many attractions in the city of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Travel FAQs

What are the advantages of an electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket offers many advantages including security, flexibility, cost and convenience. The electronic ticket also provides the standard information of the paper ticket like seating choice, travel time and many others. Electronic tickets are also impossible to lose, unlike paper tickets. Electronic tickets can’t be stolen as well; unlike the paper ticket, electronic tickets offer a distinct advantage in this area. With an electronic ticket, one may find it easier to make changes to their travel itinerary, as the airline can update their database with the requested changes instead of incurring other expenses in issuing a new ticket physically.

When is the best time to purchase an airline ticket?

One should book a ticket when you need it. It's advisable for one to buy a ticket two to four months before you fly; research shows that at this time, you are likely to find the lowest price for your tickets. Fares tend to rise when you are close to your departure date. It also allows you to know that the seats will be available, and sometimes to choose the most appropriate seat for you. Book your ticket either through the airline company to get a paper ticket, or book your ticket online to get an electronic ticket.

What are the advantages of air travel?

Air travel is unquestionably the fastest way to get to your destination due to the great speed reaching your destination. There is also added safety as plane crashes are extremely rare. Airline travel is also more comfortable than some other alternatives. The cost of ticket for airplanes, bus and train travel always vary, but in most cases airplane tickets are the cheapest.

What foods should I try in Wisconsin?

Milwaukee's fare is about as American as one can get. Hot dogs and hamburgers dominate the menus of Milwaukee, and while common, they will be some of the best you have ever had. However, Milwaukee, along with the rest of the country, is well known for its quality and variety of cheeses. Anybody who lives in the U.S. has probably heard of the famous Wisconsin cheddar cheese; where better to get a taste of this American treasure than Milwaukee itself?

Milwaukee - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to General Mitchell International airport ・Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport ・Dallas Love Field Airport ・O’Hare International airport ・Washington Dulles International airport etc.

Flight Routes to Milwaukee

Ready for a flight to the great Milwaukee city? Don’t hesitate - book your ticket now. There are many different routes that can lead you to Milwaukee. The only direct flights to Milwaukee come from airlines in the United States, such as Delta airlines and others. When coming to Milwaukee from foreign countries, you have to book your ticket for one stop to the largest cities in the U.S. like New York. Get your online ticket or paper ticket now, and come to the great city of Milwaukee.