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Jamestown (North Dakota)

Jamestown (North Dakota)

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City CodeJMS
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~7 hours

The flight time to Jamestown (North Dakota) is approximately 4~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Jamestown (North Dakota).

Jamestown (North Dakota),

Jamestown is the nineth largest city in the State of North Dakota, in the USA. Jamestown is located in the souther part of the state. There are over fifteen thousand inhabitants who live in Jamestown. Jamestown is know thanks to its Buffalo Monument.

Voice of Travelers to Jamestown (North Dakota),

Visiting Jamestown from Denver with a ticket by United Express

I bought a ticket for a flight with United Express from Denver to Jamestown.This was my third time flying to Jamestown and I chose United Express for its cheap ticket price. The service and the flight to Jamestown were great, worth the price of my ticket. It was a return ticket which allowed me to stay in Jamestown only for two full days. The airfare ticket was purchased online, and it was a return ticket which allowed me to enjoy Jamestown for three full days. The airlines has a free shuttle from Jamestown included in the price of the ticket.

Flying to Jamestown

I flew on a return ticket to Jamestown to visit a friend. I flew on an airfare ticket from Devils Lake. I bought the ticket several nights before my flight through an online ticket portal. It was an electronic ticket . That means, I did not have to print my ticket, I just showed the ticket bar code at the airport. The flight to Jamestown was pleasant and so was the service aboard the United Express. It was worth the ticket price. I will use the same ticket portal again if flying to Jamestown as it was a great experience.

Jamestown (North Dakota), Travel FAQs

Q. What is the weather like throughout the year in Jamestown?

A. Jamestown is great in any season. In the summer there are festivals and happenings in Jamestown. Spring time is ideal for visiting Jamestown and its natural sites. Jamestown has a quite dry climate so any time of the year, it stays sunny and dry. While Jamestown can get pretty crowded over Christmas time, it is also reflected in the price of the airfare ticket - the most expensive is the flight ticket at the time of Christmas, but the ticket price remains high in the summer months as well. The cheapest time to visit Jamestown is in January and February when the price of the ticket as well as the price of a hotel room comes to its lowest.

Q. What is the best type of transportation to Jamestown and withing the center of Jamestown?

A. Jamestown Regional Airport provide the regular and schedule transport between Jamestown and other North Dakotan cities. There is a regular bus service to Jamestown from other North Dakotan cities which arrive at the Greyhound bus station. The transportation company in Jamestown is called the James River Public Transit and it serves the citizens of Jamestown on daily basis. The ticket for the bus can be purchased in the ticket booths or at the bus.

Q. What is there to see in Jamestown?

A. Jamestown boasts of the largest Buffalo Monument in the World, which is a large statue of an American bison, typical for this part of America. There is also a network of artificial lakes for watersports and fishing in Jamestown. If you come to Jamestown in the summer, you can attend one of its concerts hosted at the Jamestown Country Club. All of these attractions are ticket free.

Jamestown (North Dakota), - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Jamestown Regional Airport ・Denver International Airport ・Devils Lake Regional Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Jamestown (North Dakota),

Flights from Jamestown are dispatched from Jamestown Airport, which is situated only about two miles northeast of Jamestown. Jamestown regional airport is a small airport withtwo regular flights, to Denver and to Devils Lake. For other flights, the inhabitants of Jamestown are obliged to airports in North Dakota.