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City CodeDLH
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
Flight Time4~5 hours

The flight time to Duluth is approximately 4~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Duluth.


Duluth is the major port city in Minnesota. It is known for being the largest metropolitan area on a lake in the US and it's the second largest city on Lake Superior. Also, Duluth is famous for its all-freshwater aquarium, the Great Lakes Aquarium. It is also famous for its dramatic geographic setting and its 30-mile-long Skyline Parkway. The city has a humid continental climate which is slightly affected by its nearness to the Lake Superior. Thus, snowfalls are consistent from late November to late March. And, the city was nicknamed "The Air-conditioned City" since the lake has cooling effects on the city every summer.

Voice of Travelers to Duluth

Quick getaway with a ticket to Duluth

Hey I'm Christine from Brazil, I just want to say I enjoyed a lot of sights in Duluth such as the Enger Park and Towerm Lakewalk, Minnessota's North Shore and the Aerial Lift Bridge. I will make sure I will book a ticket back to Duluth to see more of the city.

Sun Country ticket to Duluth

I booked a flight to Duluth with Sun Country and I must say that I am impressed. The ticket service and assistance was quick and accommodating. They know how to resolve issues efficiently and effectively. I will defnitely book my ticket to different places with them as much as I can. - Jeremiah, NY

Booked a ticket to Duluth with Delta and I loved it

Hello, I'm Belle from SF. I booked a ticket to Duluth to visit the Enger Park and Tower, and do some more exploring of the place. This is my first time to go on a trip alone and to book a ticket to Duluth, and my first time to book a ticket from Delta Airlines. I want to commend them for having such a good ticket assistance, as I had problems with payment they quickly resolved. Securing my ticket and paying for my ticket to Duluth was fast and hassle-free. Also, during the flight, the Delta flight staff are so nice and attentive, and they were really quick to serve everyone on board. Please keep up the good work, I will definitely book all of my ticket for flights everywhere with Delta.

Duluth Travel FAQs

When is the best time to book a ticket to Duluth?

During the summer, westerly winds and cool lake air envelops the city at night. Thus, summer has cooler temperatures. With this, the best time to book a ticket to Duluth is during the summer around April. This is also the usual season for football games, a sport popular in the city.

I want to book a ticket to Duluth but I want to make sure I have a place to stay in first, any suggestions?

Before booking a ticket to Duluth, you can choose among these highly recommended Duluth places for your accommodation: Raddisson Hotel, Sheraton Duluth Hotel, Comfort Suites Canal Park, Park Point, and Days Inn Duluth. Also, a tip for getting a better chance to a good ticket deal: book your ticket to Duluth on a middle weekday, between Tuesday and Thursday.

Which airlines can I book a ticket to Duluth?

There are various airlines you can book a ticket for a flight to Duluth, for both non-stops and ones with a few stopovers. Some of the airlines that have nonstop flights to Duluth include: Delta, United, and Sun Country.

I'll be booking a ticket to Duluth, any sugestions where and how I can get better ticket deals?

Chances are, you can score a better ticket deal to Duluth when you book your ticket on a weekday like Wednesday or Thursday. You may get the ticket deal to Duluth from online flight systems or from the airlines themselves.

Duluth - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Duluth International Airport •John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA) •San Francisco International Airport (California, USA) •Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada) •London Heathrow International Airport (United Kingdom) •Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (Australia)

Flight Routes to Duluth

The Duluth International Airport is the main air access route for both domestic and foreign tourists. It is city-owned and is located five nm northwest of Duluth's central business district. Airlines that offer a ticket and serve in Duluth, Minnesota are Delta, United, and Sun Country.