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    Key West


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Key West

Key West

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City CodeEYW
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time1~5 hours

The flight time to Key West is approximately 1~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Key West.

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Key West

Key West is a well-known island city that is part of the Florida Keys in Florida. Key West is located at the most southern part of the Florida Keys and lies just about 90 miles north of Cuba. It has a tropical climate and offers a lot of beaches and watersport activities, making it popular to domestic tourists, especially those who live in the colder region of the United States.

Voice of Travelers to Key West

Tcket to Key West courtesy of my good work

Hi, I'm Amelia from San Francisco. I won a ticket to Key West as a reward for good work in the company I work for. Anyway, this praise though, I want to commend American Airlines for such having a very good ticket assistance. Also, I want to give thanks to the accommodating flight attendants and for serving us really good food. The trip to Key West was smooth. I will definitely make sure I will book my ticket to other destinations too with American Airlines. You all should book a ticket from them too.

Baseball match earned me a ticket

I am Becca from Canada. I am a student that loves to travel. So a few months back me and my boyfriend had a bet about a baseball match outcome. As I supported the team that my boyfriend hates he offered me to travel to some place for supporting his team. Such an awesome offer it was. I quickly choose to travel and asked him about the ticket. My boyfriend asked about my preferred page and I said Asheville as recently my friend has been to this place and had told me some awesome stories of the city. My boyfriend soon arranged me the ticket, and guesses what I got a chance to travel Asheville all alone. It was a fun trip. I made some friends as well. P.S I later came to know that my boyfriend got a free ticket under some scheme.

A ticket to the best place I've ever been in the US, I love you Key West

Key West is a real tropical paradise. I'm Ann from Sydney, and I absolutely loved the place. Key West, I gotta say, has more interesting beaches than in Sydney. It really gave off serious vacation getaway vibes. The most lovely highlight of my trip tho was the relaxing lunch on Sunset Pier. I wourld really love to go back to Key Westt. I MUST book a ticket back to Key West soon.

Key West Travel FAQs

Q,I am planning a trip to Key West, what are some of the activities I can do while in there?

A. Getting a ticket to Key West is ticket to tropical getaway. There are lots of ecotours and kayaking activities you can book. You can also shop at antique shops and art galleries, do watersports, or enjoy dolphin encounters. You can also book cruises as well. But, take note, please make sure you check off accommodation in your list before you book a ticket to Key West, especially during peak season.

Q.I want to book a ticket to Key West, is there a non-stop flight I can book from Atlanta?

A. Yes, there are nonstop flights to Key West from at least 10 cities. You can book a nonstop ticket from Atlanta. Delta Airlines is the major airline that offers a nonstop ticket to Key West.

Q. Planning to book a ticket to Key West, any suggestions of highly recommended resorts I can stay in?

A.Before anything else, please make sure you check off accommodation in your list before you book a ticket to Key West, especially during peak season. Since, rooms get filled up more quickly during peak season. Some of the highly recommended resorts are Southernmost Beach Resort, Casa Marina, The Reach, Marquesa Hotel, Cocounut mallory Resort and Marina, and Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina.

Q,Planning to book a ticket to Key West, when is the best time to do so?

The best time to book a ticket and visit Key west is ob summer, between March and May. If you want to see the place along with tourists, you can book a ticket to Florida keys during winter, which is the busiests and most expensive season in Key West.

Key West - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Key West International Airport •John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA) •London Heathrow International Airport (United Kingdom) •San Francisco International Airport (California, USA) •Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada) •Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (Australia) etc.

Flight Routes to Key West

In Monroe County, which is 2 miles away from Key West, the main international and domestic air access route in Key West is the Key West International Airport. Tourists can book a ticket to Key West via numerous airlines such as Delta, United, Air Canada, American, etc.