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North Platte

North Platte

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City CodeLBF
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time3~6 hours

The flight time to North Platte is approximately 3~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit North Platte.

North Platte

North Platte is a rather small town located in the central part of the state of Nebraska, in the USA. The population of North Platte is just over twenty-four thousand inhabitants. North Platte is the seat of the Lincoln County.

Voice of Travelers to North Platte

Airfare ticket to North Platte

I needed to find a flight ticket to North Platte for a family gathering. I booked a ticket for North Platte last minute with PenAir. The ticket was well priced even if I purchased it a day before my flight. The ticket agent offered me a ticket service of fast transfer from North Platte airport to the city, but I declined as my cousin was waiting for me at the airport in North Platte to take me to their home. PenAir delivered great service and definitely worth the ticket price. When I needed to change the ticket date for returning back from North Platte , my ticket agent did it efficiently. I recommend PenAir for reasonable ticket price even if booked late if you travel to North Platte .

Visiting North Platte on a return ticket

I visited North Platte last year. I was invited to give a speech at North Platte municipality. My flight ticket was thus covered by the North Platte townhall. Thanks to this invitation, I flew with PenAir for free as my ticket was to North Platte . The ticket, I imagine, must have been quite expensive. I did not buy the ticket though, it was pre-arranged for me. The service aboard was just great. North Platte is a charming place I would love to attend the event next year as well, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to North Platte myself.

North Platte Travel FAQs

Q. What are the highlights of North Platte?

A. North Platte is known for the largest rail yard in the world, Union Pacific Railway and the Historical Museum of Lincoln Party. All of these sites require an entrance ticket for their visit. In the summer, North Platte hosts the Nebraskaland Days with many concerts, rodeos and parades. Secure your ticket early if you want to attend some of the more popular music concerts.

Q. Is North Platte a safe destination?

A. North Platte is a very safe little town and it is ideal for relaxing walks and sports as well as sightseeing. Yet it pays off to be careful during the peak season in North Platte which comes during the summer school holidays, when visitors come to attend the Nebraskaland Days in North Platte. In this case do not walk around with your airfare ticket, valuables and passport. The best is to leave then at your accommodation.

Q. What is the climate like in North Platte?

A. North Platte has humid continental climate with precipitation which falls in May and June. In the winter time, North Platte experiences snowfall which stays over the winter until about March. The best weather is in summer in North Platte, when the temperatures normally stay in the range of 30 degrees Celsius in North Platte. This is the best time to visit North Platte and also the airfare ticket for this season might be at its highest.

North Platte - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to North Platte Regional Airport ・Denver International Airport

Flight Routes to North Platte

North Platte Regional Airport is the closest airport to North Platte. Flights to only one destination is operated fromNorth Platte regional airport: Denver. These flights are operated by PenAir. No international flights are dispatched, as of now, from the North Platte airport.