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Alpena (Michigan)

Alpena (Michigan)

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City CodeAPN
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time3~7 hours

The flight time to Alpena (Michigan) is approximately 3~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Alpena (Michigan).


Alpena is located in northern Michigan. It is known as the 'Sanctuary of Great Lakes' as it features a number of lakes. Alpena's cultural and historical character are both heavily influenced by a mixture of maritime, agricultural, and industrial influences. Alpena is easily accessible via air through Delta Airlines, with a few stops along the way. Also, since it is located along the Lake State Railway, it is also accessible via train. Lastly, Indian Trails provide daily intercity bus trips, from Alpena to Bay City.

Voice of Travelers to Alpena

Best on-the-spot air ticket for a trip I spent on

Hi, I'm Ann from Sydney. I booked a ticket to Alpena last summer, and I have to say I'm impressed. Alpena does have great lakes. I enjoyed the boat tours and the kayaking activities, especially when I went kayaking above the shipwreck in Thunder Bay. It was such an amazing and new experience. The treks and the parks were breathtakingly relaxing too. I booked a ticket to Alpena when the weather was great, it wasn't too hot or too cold for summer. Thank you Alpena, booking a ticket to this place is the best gift I can give to myself for summer. I'll make sure to buy another ticket next summer and go back.

Ticket to paradise

Alpena is a paradise. Among all the places I've booked a ticket to, and go biking so far, I enjoyed the Alpena Bi-Path the most. The sights were just wonderful. The Island Park and Wildlife Sanctuary had a lot of sights to offer, as well as the Thunder Bay shipwreck. I also liked the Michekewis Park, since the view of the sea on the horizon was very relaxing and invigorating. Truly, booking a ticket to Alpena is booking a ticket to paradise. I will definitely book another ticket back to it and explore Alpena more. - Jan from Miami

Booked a ticket with Delta Airlines to Alpena

Hello, Ria here from London. I have to say I had an enjoyable experience in Alpena. But I also wanna commend Delta Airlines for an excellent service. The flight attendants were quick and accommodating. I didn't feel uncomfortable the whole trip, even with the stops. The trip process went smoothly. When I go back to Alpena soon, I'll make sure to book a ticket from them. Better, I'll book a ticket to all my destinations with Delta.

Alpena Travel FAQs

I booked a ticket to Alpena, what are some of the places and activities I can go to and do?

Booking a ticket to Alpena is more than worth it. There are a lot of places and activities you can go to and do. Some of them include kayaking over the shipwrecks in Bell Bay. View shipwrecks in Thunder Bay, explore the Sunrise Coast Birding Trail, or visit the Stevens Twin Sinks, or do Historic Alpena tours, or take the Lighthouse tours, or follow the Maritime Heritage Trail. Alpena also has a good brunch lifestyle, they have various restaurants that serve delectable brunch meals.

Which airlines provide a ticket to Alpena?

The Alpena County Regional Airport caters to both local and international flight. You can book a ticket with Delta Airlines or if you are from another country, some airlines that has a ticket to Alpena include JAL, Asiana, Philippine Airlines, Air Canada, EVA Air, United, and Korean Air.

I have a ticket to Alpena for a quick weekend getaway, any tips where I can stay, especially a b&b?

There are various ways you can stay in Alpena, you can stay at a hotel, or at a bed & breakfast, or at a cabin/cottage, or at a resort, or you can go camping. One of the most famous bed & breakfasts in Alpena is the Preque Isle Lodge-A Bed and Breakfast Inn and the Churchill Pointe Inn.

How many hours away is Alpena from London? I'm planning to do a diy US trip starting with an Alpena ticket.

London is about 3,642 miles away from Alpena. Delta flights that offer a ticket to Alpena with 1 or 2 stops take about 14-16 hours. Some airlines with a ticket to Alpena take a day, depending on the duration between flight stops.

Alpena - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Alpena County Regional Airport •San Francisco International Airport (California, USA) •John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA) •Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada) •Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Philippines) •London Heathrow International Airport (United Kingdom) etc.

Flight Routes to Alpena

Alpena has one major air route: the Alpena County Regional Airport. Various international airlines provide a ticket to Alpena, with a few stops, such as the Delta Airlines, JAL, Asiana, Philippine Airlines, Air Canada, EVA Air, United, and Korean Air.