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Ironwood (Michigan)

Ironwood (Michigan)

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City CodeIWD
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Ironwood (Michigan) is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Ironwood (Michigan).


Located south of Lake Superior, the city of Ironwood is one of the developing cities of the US state of Michigan. Found in the Gogebic County of the great lake state, Ironwood is home to more than 5,000 citizens. The city is most famous for its downhill skiing resorts, and the Ironwood Historical Depot Museum. A 52-feet fiberglass statue of tribal leader Hiawatha, dubbed as the, “World’s Tallest Indian,” is also found in Ironwood. Originally an iron mining town, Ironwood became an official city in 1889. The city was named after James Wood, a mining captain.

Voice of Travelers to Ironwood

My Skiing Experience at Ironwood

I’m Marshall from Florida. Having longed for an experience in skiing, I booked a ticket to Ironwood, Michigan through Air Choice One. My flight to Ironwood was remarkable because the staff of the plane were very accommodating to me. When I arrived to Ironwood, I was welcomed by friendly locals who toured me around the city, and eventually took me to skiing resorts. It was a dream come true to play with snow and ski through the slopes of Ironwood. You do not need to book a ticket to foreign countries in order to try this winter sport. There were lots of ski areas in Ironwood, I found out in my journey that there were 38 of them around Michigan. Next time I would book a ticket to Ironwood, I would bring my family with me.

A Nostalgic Ironwood Trip

I am Neil from New Jersey. My grandparents were locals of Ironwood, Michigan so I decided to pay them a visit last summer. I booked a ticket to Ironwood via United Airlines, and flew there content due to the kind stewards of the plane. It was still my second time to visit Ironwood. My grandparents welcomed me to Ironwood with warm hugs. From the airport, we passed by the giant statue of Hiawatha, a great Indian leader. They even toured me around different parks and museums around Ironwood. Most notable among all the places we went to is Lake Gogebic, a popular destination in Ironwood. The place was nostalgic, I remembered when my parents bought me a ticket to visit my grandpa and grandma for the first time. During the holidays, I will surely buy another ticket back.

Ironwood Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Ironwood

A. In as easy as three ways, you can already book a ticket to Ironwood. Basically, you can visit your local airline company to ask about the availability of a ticket going to Ironwood. Second, you may also contact airlines far from you through their hotlines, if they offer ticket to Ironwood. Third, you can always check online for available and cheap ticket prices. There are a lot of companies offering cheap ticket prices for you. It is best, however, to book your ticket to Ironwood in advance to avoid any disturbance before your flight.

Q. What are top destinations in Ironwood?

A. Ironwood offers several destinations, a great reason why you should book a ticket to the city right now. One of the top spots in Ironwood is the Black River Scenic Subway, an 11-mile stretch where one can witness a pine forest, and watch the Black river as it meets Lake Superior with several waterfalls found along the journey. If you’re interested in hiking and camping, booking a ticket to Ironwood is a must since Lake Gogebic, a popular fishing hub, is found in the city. Furthermore, Ironwood offers a lot to winter sports aficionados since the city contains several ski resorts and slopes for you. Traveling to Ironwood could be your ticket to a whole lot of experience in a small city.

Q. Where will I stay in Ironwood?

A. You have already bought your ticket and have flown to Ironwood. The next thing to worry about is where to stay. Ironwood offers several cheap accommodations to make your stay worthwhile. Like booking a ticket, it is wise to pick the cheapest and most recommended by other visitors. Budget Host Cloverland Motel has clean and large rooms. Likewise, the Cedars Motel has huge quarters with accommodating staff. On the other hand, Americas Best Value Inn Ironwood has well maintained lodging with friendly staff. Other inns and motels also abound in Ironwood. Like booking a ticket, it is wise to reserve rooms in advance to avoid any hassle when you have arrived in Ironwood already.

Ironwood - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Gogebic–Iron County Airport •Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (Minneapolis, USA) •Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (Michigan, USA) •O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, USA) etc.

Flight Routes to Ironwood

To reach the city of Ironwood, there are several available flights which you book a ticket from. You can book tickets for connecting and/or direct flight through airlines such as United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air Choice One, and US Airways. Several states have airports with direct flights to Gogebic–Iron County Airport, the airport of Ironwood. Booking a ticket online, or visiting airline companies can help you avail a ticket to Ironwood, Michigan. It helps if you book a ticket on low seasons as many would avail low cost ticket prices to Ironwood.