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City CodeISP
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time1~7 hours

The flight time to Islip is approximately 1~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Islip.


Islip resides on the South Shore of Long Island, New York. Islip makes up one of ten towns in Suffolk County. Islip has a total area of 163.1 square miles and a population of 322, 622 people. Islip's climate varies considerably from season to season. Islip experiences warm, humid summers. Winters are cold, windy and wet, due to the Islip's coastal location and marine environment. Summer months in Islip are from June to September and winters are from December to March.

Voice of Travelers to Islip

Islip has a rich history I was not expecting

Buy a ticket to Islip If you are like me and enjoy the history of a city, especially historic buildings and landmarks. After finding out there were over 20 historic buildings that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, I booked a ticket to Islip as soon as possible. I bought my ticket to Islip through Delta Airlines. Although their ticket prices were higher than the others, I believe that you get what you pay for. The serve was impeccable. I will definitely be purchasing all of my future plane tickets to Islip through this airline.

Great people and overall atmosphere.

I am glad I decided to go ahead and buy my ticket to Islip. The people in Islip are so friendly and inviting. There's a lot to do in Islip. Whether you are the type of person who enjoys being active or participating in more leisurely activities, Islip has a lot to offer. My husband and I had a chance to check out the wine and cheese tasting for two at Jason's Vineyard. It was an incredible experience. It was so warm in Islip the next day, we decided to take the kids to cool down at Splish Splash Waterpark. Will definitely be coming back to visit Islip. The entire family had a blast. I suggest buying a ticket to Islip in advance though. Summer is the busiest time of the year for Islip. Everyone is buying plane tickets.

A lot of great places to eat.

Islip was the last place I thought I would be buying a ticket to visit. But boy, was I wrong. There's so much to do in Islip! I purchased my ticket with Jetblue and it was decent service. The ticket price to Islip was average but the service was decent so that's all that matters! When I arrived in Islip, I was absolutely starving. We had dinner at a place called J&R's. I will be buying a ticket to Islip again sometime soon in the future. Islip is a place worth visiting.

Islip Travel FAQs

Q. When are the best times to visit Islip?

A. The best time to visit Islip is during the summer months. March and April are considered Islip's wet months. If you do not mind the rain, then come for a visit! Ticket prices will also vary depending on when you visit. Tickets are cheaper during the slower months.

Q. What are some of the main attractions in Islip?

A. There's plenty to do in Islip, with activities ranging from exploring the outdoors, historical sight seeing and enjoying the taste of local eateries. Islip has a rich history, with 23 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. During the summer months, Islip offers a variety of outdoor activities that include parks and wildlife tours.

Q. What are the cheapest times and ticket prices to fly to Islip?

A. The best ticket prices to fly to Islip are from October to November. Ticket prices to Islip are much lower during this time of year because of the decline in overall ticket bookings. Islip's high or busy seasons would include the summer and any holiday. Tickets to Islip are also much cheaper when booked on a weekday, instead of a weekend. Buying a ticket during a seat sale will also save money.

Q. What are the modes of transportation to get around Islip?

A. There are a variety of ways to get around Islip. Islip residents can buy tickets and utilize major airports that include the Long Island MacArthur and New York Air Route Traffic Control Centre. Islip also has the Long Island Rail Road's Montauk Branch and the Suffolk Country Transit bus service. Islip also has the option of utilizing passenger ferries that depart to other areas of the island. All transportation requires tickets or passes.

Islip - Direct Flights to Major Airports

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Flight Routes to Islip

There are multiple airlines that provide tickets to and from Islip. These airlines include JetBlue, Delta, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines. Ticket prices to Islip vary, depending on the time they are purchased. Frontier and American Airlines have the lowest ticket prices to Islip when compared to the other airlines listed here. A recommendation is to purchase tickets to Islip ahead of time to ensure flight and seat availability. Seat sales to Islip result in much lower ticket prices. Tickets to Islip can be purchased online or by visiting an airline.