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City CodeMOT
Popular Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Minot is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Minot.


Minot is located in Ward County in North Dakota. Minot is divided into three divisions: North Hill, Souris River Valley and South Hill. Minot serves as an important trading center for many cities including Stanley, Rugby, Burlington and Garrison. Minot is a great city to witness Scandinavian Heritage and culture as 40% of the city's population is of Scandinavian background.

Voice of Travelers to Minot

Ticket for my heritage

I am Lisa and currently live in New York. After much thinking, I decided to buy a ticket for Minot. My grandparents are originally from Minot. My great-grandparents were Scandinavian and moved to Minot. I had heard a lot about Minot from my grandma but never visited. I was craving a sense of familiarity thus bought a ticket. I went just in time for Norsk Hostfest which was just an amazing celebration of my own culture. I also saw my ancestor's home. Scandinavian Heritage Park opened my mind to a lot of family history. Buying a ticket for Minot was a great decision and now I am saving up for ticket for my whole family.

Ticket by chance

I am Marty, a financial advisor in Chicago. I wanted to take my family of four to Minot, my hometown. My daughter and son were hesitant at first so I did not purchase the ticket. Then, on my birthday, my wife surprised by gifting me a ticket for Minot. She gave me the printed ticket in an envelope. I could not contain my excitement. It was the first time my wife had bought a ticket for me. I was really happy but also because of my children. I ended up buying the remaining ticket for my children so we could go. To my surprise, my children loved the summer weather in Minot. They enjoyed our picnics, the zoo and parks. In the end, it was a good vacation. I can not wait to buy a ticket again to Minot.

Minot Travel FAQs

Q. What are some attractions in Minot?

Minot is an excellent location for history enthusiasts. The city has the Scandinavian Heritage Park that regularly hosts many events, has monuments and has a picnic area. There is also the Roosevelt Park Zoo with almost 300 animal species and an educational centre. You can also visit Polaris Park where you can play golf, hockey or tennis, host picnics or play in the playground. Bullet Oak Park also has many recreational activities such as a volleyball court, swimming pool and a ground for concerts.

Q. What accomodations options are available in Minot?

There are plenty of accommodation choices available in Minot, according to your taste and preference. There are a number of 5 star hotels in Minot such as Country Inn, Fairview Lodge, Best Western, and Holiday Inn. You can also opt for extended stay suites and hotels that offer fully furnished residences with full kitchen. These include Souris Valley Suites, MainStay Suites and Staybridge Suites. Do not hesitate to visit Minot's official website for more information about these accomodations.

Are there any special events that happen in Minot?

Minot is a city bustling with different events all year round. No matter what time of the year you buy a ticket to visit for, you will have plenty of activities to do and events to attend. Events including Norsk Hostfest, The Big One Art and Craft Fair, Minot Symphony and North Dakota State Fair are held in different times of the year in Minot. Make sure you check Minot's official website for event updates before buying your ticket.

What is the climate like in Minot?

Minot witnesses four very different seasons all year round in Minot. Minot experiences a warm summer, breezy spring, light fall, while the winter is cold. If you decide to buy a ticket for Summer, you can witness warm weather with occasional rainfall with thunder. If you visit in Winter, you can witness cold weather and snow. Whichever season you buy your ticket for, there are activities held throughout the year according to the weather conditions. Make sure you keep the weather in mind when buying a ticket for Minot.

Minot - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Minot International Airport ・Los Angeles International Airport ・San Francisco International Airport ・Vancouver International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Minot

Passengers can choose from four different airlines to buy ticket to Minot. Airlines that offer ticket to and from Minot are Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. The airport is rapidly developing and new flight routes and ticket information are added yearly. People can buy non stop ticket to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Denver through these flights. Travelers can also buy ticket for Houston, Bismark, Mesa and Denver. There are also other non-direct flight ticket to Minot.