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City CodeDUT
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time8~9 hours

The flight time to Unalaska is approximately 8~9 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Unalaska.


Unalaska is the largest city of the Aleutian islands. Unalaska city is situated at the Unalaska island. It neighbours Amaknak Island of the Aleutian Islands. Unalaska city occupies an area of 550.83 square kilometers. Unalaska has a population of approximately 4,376 inhabitants as per the year 2010. Unalaska was incorporated in the year 1942. The Makushin Volcano which is ice covered stratovolcano is situated on Unalaska Island.The Island and the town are both named Unalaska. It can easily confuse some people.

Voice of Travelers to Unalaska

Hiking in Unalaska

I have always wanted to go hiking but I had no idea where to go. Luckily a friend suggested that I go to Unalaska .Unalaska attracts tourists who loves hiking because it is a volcanic rock that has been swept by wind. Unalaska is very beautiful. I requested a friend to join me and off went to Unalaska. After Acquiring our ticket from the available outlets in our country we made sure our ticket was valid. We traveled to Unalaska by an american airline. At Unalaska we had real fun hiking the Uga Daya Bay trail. Unalaska is a beautiful city. When we were done with hiking we obtained a flight ticket back to our country. Hiking is so refreshing and I would not mind doing it again.

Fishing in Unalaska

I love fishing so much and at some point I started searching of where I should go to fish. The best place I thought of going to is Unalaska. Unalaska is known for the best salmon, halibut, king crab and many others. Fish is also my favourite food. I gathered a group of five friends and we got our ticket for Unalaska. We chose the most comfortable airline with good services. There are local charters that led us to the best areas to catch fish. It was so enjoyable that we are already planning to go back to Unalaska.

Unalaska Travel FAQs

What is the best season to visit Unalaska?

Before you visit Unalaska you have to consider a few things like weather. For Example january is the coldest month in Unalaska and one should avoid travelling there for that reason.Summer is the best time to visit Unalaska if you want to have fun like hiking because the trails are clear of snow. It is also best time for fishing. Also for birders it is the best time to sport Whiskered Auklet which is normally seen in May and June. Actually it all depends on what you want to go and do in Unalaska. So if you are visiting Unalaska you can visit anytime. Make sure you acquire a ticket for Unalaska early enough to avoid last minute rush or ticket price hikes.You can get a ticket when there is an offer on flight ticket.

What are the tourist attractions in Unalaska?

There are many tourist attractions in Unalaska.There are also so many things to do in Unalaska. Yu can visit the historial such as Memorial Park, Aleutian World War II National Historic Area Visitor Centre and may others. The other tourist attractions are; Sitka Spruce Park, Museum of the Aleutians and Bunker Hill. Also Unalaska attracts birders, berry-pickers, historians, hikers and fishermen. To get to Unalaska you have to acquire a ticket from the available sources in your county.Then make sure your ticket for Unalaska is valid.Get a ticket for Unalaska early enough to avoid last minute rush. A ticket for Unalaska is available anytime.

What are the best hotels in Unalaska?

There are many hotels in Unalaska. Orbitz helps one to find the best Unalaska hotel deals for your trip.such hotels are Grand Aleutian Hotel and Unisea Inn . These hotels offers the best sea food. It you love seafood you are welcome to visit them. Their room services are also very good.You can acquire a ticket for Unalaska the from available sources in your country and visit Unalaska. Source for a ticket when their is a discount offer.

Unalaska - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Unalaska Airport ・Akutan Airport ・Atka Airport ・Nikolski Air Station etc.

Flight Routes to Unalaska

Tom Madsen Airport is the major airport in Unalaska. There are many airlines that fly to Unalaska such as American airlines, Delta, United, etc. When travelling make sure you search for a flight that is comfortable and with kind and efficient attendants. There are many sources of acquiring a ticket for Unalaska. When you get your ticket for Unalaska make sure it is valid. Always try to acquire your ticket for an airline that has discount offer so that you can save some money to use it for something else as you travel.