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Columbus (Ohio)

Columbus (Ohio)

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City CodeCMH
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
Flight Time2~4 hours

The flight time to Columbus (Ohio) is approximately 2~4 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Columbus (Ohio).

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Columbus (Ohio)

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. Columbus has a population estimated to 860,090. There are many things that make Columbus recognized in the world like Columbus Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus Chemical Abstract Service and Columbus Net jets. Columbus has a climate characterized by hot, muggy summers and cold, dry winters. Columbus is also the home of notable landmarks like Columbus Greek revival state capitol, Greater Columbus convention Centre, Columbus Rhodes state office tower, Columbus Leveque Tower and many more. Columbus is also the home of many performing arts institutions like opera Columbus, Ballemet Columbus, Columbus children theatre, Columbus symphony orchestra.

Voice of Travelers to Columbus (Ohio)

History at Columbus

I booked for my ticket from Dublin city through Aer Lingus airlines to Washington DC where I boarded another flight through Frontier airlines to Columbus. Columbus stand out from the rest of the world. I saw landmarks like Columbus Greek revival state capitol, Columbus Art-deco Ohio judicial Centre, Greater Columbus convention Centre, Columbus museum of art. I also visited some renowned performing art institutions like Columbus Symphony Orchester, opera Columbus, Ballet Met Columbus, the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and Columbus children's theatre.I got a chance for a free performance of Shakespearean play at Actors' Theatre of Columbus. It was nice to spend my holiday at Columbus with great views and history. I could not regret booking my ticket.

On board services

I booked my ticket for a flight to Columbus from New York city through the Delta airlines. All the passengers boarded the flight. Next to me was a man who began a conversation with me, he asked me of how one books a ticket for a flight as his ticket was booked by his grandson. I explained to him that there are two different types of tickets: the paper ticket and electronic ticket. This man was happy to hear of the electronic ticket as this was which his grandson applied for and we had a great conversation. We witnessed first class service on board from the cabin crew which lifted the spirit of every passenger till we landed at Columbus.

Columbus (Ohio) Travel FAQs

What are the advantages of Electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket offers many advantages including security, flexibility, cost and convenience. The electronic ticket also provides standard assurance of the paper ticket like seating choice, travel time and many others. Electronic tickets are also impossible to lose unlike paper ticket. Electronic tickets can’t be stolen too unlike the paper ticket, the electronic tickets offer distinct advantage in this area. With an electronic ticket one may find it easier to make changes to their travel itinerary as the airline can update their database with the requested changes instead of incurring other expenses in issuing a new ticket physically.

When is the best time to purchase an airline ticket?

One should book a ticket when you need it. It’s advisable for one to buy a ticket when many people do, that is like two to four months before you fly, research show that at this time you are likely to find the lowest price for your tickets. Fare tend to rise especially when you are close to your departure date. It also allows you to know that the seats will be available and sometimes to choose the most appropriate for you. I would advise anyone willing to book a ticket to do as early as possible either a hand ticket or online ticket.

Columbus (Ohio) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to John Glenn Columbus International airport ・O’Hare International airport (Chicago) ・Washington Dulles International airport (Washington DC) ・Denver International airport (Denver) ・Los Angeles International airport (Los Angeles) etc.

Flight Routes to Columbus (Ohio)

Ready for a flight to this great Columbus city of Ohio? Don’t hesitate book your ticket now. There are many different routes that can lead you to Columbus. The only direct flights to Columbus comes from the cities in United States e.g. American airlines, Delta airlines, and others. When coming to Columbus from countries away from United States you have to book your ticket for one stop or so to the largest cities in the US like Chicago, and others. Get your online ticket or hand ticket now and come for great tourist attractions in Columbus capital of Ohio