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City CodeITH
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • United Airlines
Flight Time1~6 hours

The flight time to Ithaca is approximately 1~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Ithaca.


Ithaca is a Greek island located west of Greece in the Ionian Sea. With a population of over 3,000 residents, Ithaca is one of the smallest islands of the Ionian group of islands. Ithaca island was Thiaki during the Veneiati period and Fiaki during the Turkish period.

Voice of Travelers to Ithaca

Couple vacation to Ithaca

We are a couple from Wellington, New Zealand. We had planned to have our vacation in Ithaca and enjoy the outdoor activities in fall. We flew from Wellington to Athens using Virgin Australia and connecting to Ithaca using Ryanair and they still offered a relatively cheaper ticket compared to other airlines. We booked our ticket six weeks before our flight, a friend had suggested that ticket is cheap six weeks before the travel date. Etihad offered 10% off their ticket but Virgin Australia still had cheaper ticket. An amazing travel experience with exceptionally friendly flight attendants who upgraded our flight ticket to first class after noticing that we were couples from the names on the ticket.

Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival in Ithaca

I am Tona from Kenya, I am fan of events and festivals and I travel around the world to different festival. Last December, I attended the 27th Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival in Ithaca. This was the first time to travel to Greece and I was excited by the prospect of experiencing and interacting with a new culture in Ithaca. I had planned for this trip from early as this year and since I needed both ticket and visa to attend the event. To receive a visa to Ithaca, one needs a valid passport, travel ticket and accommodation ticket. I bought both the air ticket and accommodation ticket to Ithaca online at a 8% off. KLM Airlines with a collaboration with Thomas Cook Airlines, offered 10% off any ticket bought to attend the festivals in Ithaca. This was the first time to travel using KLM and the experience was marvelous. With inflight entertainment and friendly attendants, I am confident that all who attended the festival in Ithaca found the travel experience to Ithaca satisfying.

Ithaca Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best way to get to Ithaca?

A. One can choose to travel to Ithaca on different ways. At a strategical position, Ithaca can be accessed by road, sea and air. If you choose to travel by air, the nearby Kephalonia Airport serves Ithaca but travellers are forced to use either road or ferry from Kephalonia to Ithaca. Road transport is available from Athens. If one would like to enjoy the scenic of Ithaca, then road transport is the best to choose. If considering travelling by air, then you can purchase a ticket to Ithaca by buying it online and comparing the ticket with other airlines ticket. Cheapest ticket to Ithaca is cheap six weeks prior to your travel.

Q. What are the outdoor activities to do in Ithaca?

A. Famously known worldwide as the home of Odyssey, Ithaca is an ideal location for outdoor activities and holidays. From scuba diving and sea kayaking in the several beaches in Ithaca including Dexa, Yidaki, Yalos and Filiatro. If you are a fan of antiquated architecture then buying a ticket to Ithaca to see the Greek architecture in Vathy and Perahori villages dating back to over 3000 years ago.

Q. How is Ithaca weather?

A. Ithaca enjoys a Mediterrenean type of climate with dry, muggy and warm summer and long, cold, wet and windy winters. Warm season is from June to September with the warmest month being August while cold months are from November to February with the coldest month being January.

Q. What is the best time to visit Ithaca?

The best time to buy a ticket and visit Ithaca is after the warm season, between September and October just before winter. The climate is pleasantly cool and it is an off-peak season hence no crowding. One can book accomodation ticket in advance online.

Ithaca - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Kephalonia International Airport •Copenhagen Airport (Denmark) •Athens International Airport (Greece) •Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Sweden) etc.

Flight Routes to Ithaca

There is no airport in Ithaca. The nearest airport to Ithaca is Kephalonia International Airport. One can take a flight from any destination to Kephalonia and take a drive to Sami Port at approximately 40 minutes or take a ferry to Ithaca at approximate time of 1 hour. One can travel to Kephalonia by Thomas Cook Airlines, RyanAir, Flybe, with the requirements being an air ticket, accomodation ticket, a visa for non-EU who dont qualify for visa waiver and an identity card for EU nationals. Ticket to Kephalonia can be purchased online or from travel agents worldwide.