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Dubuque (Iowa)

Dubuque (Iowa)

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City CodeDBQ
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time3~6 hours

The flight time to Dubuque (Iowa) is approximately 3~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dubuque (Iowa).


Dubuque is a small town in the state of Iowa in the United States. Dubuque was founded as a frontier town in the early 19th Century, and has grown into a center for manufacturing, education, administration and culture. The well-preserved frontier history and unique architecture make Dubuque a popular destination for tourist tickets.

Voice of Travelers to Dubuque

Dubuque Is a Cool Frontier Town

I had seen Dubuque featured in a few magazines about the Old West, so I decided to buy tickets for myself and my boyfriend to go check it out this summer. We share a passion for the history of the American frontier, so he was very excited to hear that I had bought tickets for both of us for Dubuque. Our tickets were with American Eagle, who provides a very high quality of service on tickets out of Chicago to Dubuque. In Dubuque we bought tickets to the history museum and learned all about the history of Dubuque. We also bought tour tickets that took us around to a few of the old frontier buildings that are still standing in Dubuque.

Dubuque's Unique Architecture

The town of Dubuque in Iowa has some of the most unique architecture in all of America, so I bought some tickets to go see it for myself. The tickets for Dubuque are with American Eagle, which is a great small airline. I had never flown on tickets with a small plane before, so the staff made sure that I felt comfortable the whole way. Dubuque's architecture is incredible, with all kinds of well-preserved houses and stores nestled in the hills of the town. The town has tour tickets to go see many of the famous sites, but I preferred to just travel around the town at my own pace. I did end up buying a ticket to go to the history museum, which was excellent.

Dubuque's Universities

Dubuque is a center of learning in the Midwestern United States, so I bought a ticket to go check it out when I was looking at possible universities. The flight out to Dubuque was on a ticket with American Eagle, which was a cool flight in on a small but comfortable plane. In Dubuque I went to check out the universities first, but I also bought a few tour tickets so that I could see the town. A bunch of the people that I met in Dubuque suggested that I check out the art gallery, so I bought a ticket for that as well.

Dubuque Travel FAQs

Q. What is the weather like in Dubuque?

A. Dubuque's climate is humid continental with hot summers, warm winters and a lot of precipitation all year round. Tourists buy tickets to visit Dubuque all year round because the weather is so nice.

Q. Why do so many tourists buy tickets for Dubuque?

A. Most tourists buy their tickets for Dubuque to see all the historical buildings and architecture that represent a well-preserved image of the Old West and frontier life. Dubuque is one of the best preserved old towns in all of the Midwest, so tourists buy tickets to see a lot of their favorite history in its natural state. Dubuque has a history museum and various tour tickets available that offer visitors a genuine experience of frontier life.

Q. Is it expensive to buy tickets for Dubuque?

A. The cost to buy tickets for Dubuque from Chicago is very low. Buying tickets for Chicago will depend on where you are flying from originally, but Chicago is a large airport hub, so most tickets for Chicago are comparatively cheap and many ticket deals are regularly available.

Q. Is there good hiking and camping around Dubuque?

A. While most people who buy tickets for Dubuque are not going for the hiking and camping, there are a variety of good wilderness locations around Dubuque. Much of the area around Dubuque is underdeveloped, so tourists who want can find many locations for hiking and camping that are filled with natural beauty and landscapes.

Dubuque - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dubuque Regional Airport •Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Flight Routes to Dubuque

The only connecting airport for tickets for Dubuque is the international airport in Chicago. Chicago is a center for international and national tickets, with connecting flights to every continent in the world.