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Aniak (Alaska)

Aniak (Alaska)

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City CodeANI
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Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Aniak (Alaska) is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Aniak (Alaska).


Aniak is a little town located in the state of Alaska, in the USA. There are only about five hundred inhabitants living permanently in Aniak. Aniak is situated on the bank of the Kuskokwim river.

Voice of Travelers to Aniak

Airfare ticket to Aniak

I bought a ticket to Aniak when I went to visit my friend living there. I purchased my ticket with PenAir. I flew to Aniak from Anchorage while to get to Anchorage, I purchased a ticket with Delta Airlines from Los Angeles. The ticket for both Anchorage and then the one for Aniak was reasonably priced. Both airlines delivered great service, worth the ticket price, and when I needed to change the ticket date for returning back from Aniak later than the day for which my ticket was booked, the ticket agent did it promptly. I recommend both Delta and PenAir for reasonable ticket prices and good service if you fly to Aniak or anywhere else in Alaska.

Visiting Aniak on a return ticket

I visited Aniak last year on a pre-arranged trip. I flew with a group of other people from from Anchorage to Aniak. The flight ticket was booked with Ravn Alaska. We flew to Anchorage from Seattle where we then transfered for Aniak. Actually, my second ticket was more expensive than the first ticket,. The service aboard both planes was great, nothing to complain about. It was worth the ticket price. On the way back, we ended up cancelling our original ticket from Aniak and book a new one with PenAir to Anchorage. The ticket with PenAir was somewhat cheaper than the original ticket while the service was comparably good. If it wasn't for quite expensive airfare ticket to Aniak, I would take my family on vacation to visit Aniak right away.

Aniak Travel FAQs

Q. When is the best time to visit Aniak?

A. Aniak is a charming little town, but bear in mind that it might be quite chilly if you come to Aniak in the winter. On the contrary, the summers in Aniak are with some sunshine and temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius. Aniak receives a lot of precipitation throughout the year so be on a lookout for the current weather when planning your trip to Aniak. Since Aniak can be visited only by taking a flight, look for your airfare ticket ahead of time, bearing in mind that the ticket prices might change over the course of the year.

Q. Is Aniak a good Christmas destination?

A. Given the amount of snow that Aniak receives in the winter, this is definitely a very romantic getaway. If you want to travel to Aniak for Christmas, look for an airfare ticket ahead of time. If you leave the reservation of your ticket to the last moment, you might not find a suitable airfare ticket because the number of flights is quite limited for Aniak.

Q. What is unique about Aniak?

A. Aniak is located in beautiful natural environment of Alaska. If you visit Aniak, do not miss the tour around the Kuskokwim river, or even a boat trip. Fishing and hiking in and around Aniak are some of the highlights of this little town.

Aniak - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Aniak Airport ・Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ・Kalskag Airport ・Holy Cross Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Aniak

Flights to Aniak in Alaska are dispatched to Aniak Airport, located just outside of Aniak. The flight to Aniak include those operated by PenAir, Ravn Alaska, Hageland Aviation and Ryan Air. Most of these flights are regional, that means with service between Aniak and other Alaskan airports.