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Cody (Wyoming)

Cody (Wyoming)

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City CodeCOD
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
Flight Time4~8 hours

The flight time to Cody (Wyoming) is approximately 4~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Cody (Wyoming).


Cody city is located in the US, in the state of Wyoming and is the headquarters of Park County. Cody is a well-known town and a popular holiday destination, especially due to its founder William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. You'll see that Cody is a quite small city, in 2000 it had 8.835 inhabitants. It is nice to know that Cody it is located really close to Yellowstone National Park. Cody will offer you the look and feel expected from a traditional American city. .

Voice of Travelers to Cody

Vacation in Cody

Like any European, I have always been curious to visit other continents, especially America. This summer, my friends have surprised me. They bought me a ticket to New York, as birthday gift. Like that, I've skipped the ticket searching. After a week in New York, I decided to take a ticket to Buffalo Bill's city, Cody. From New York to Cody I did 7 hours with Delta Airlines and the price of the ticket was around 600$. When I landed on the Cody's airport, I was thinking that 2 cowboys will come on horses. It wasn't really like that, but Cody is, indeed, the city of rodeos and strong sensations. Cody has a lot the look and feel like Buffalo Bill's movies. My American experience has been completed by Cody.あ

Buffalo's Bill city

I took my ticket from Paris to Cody with 3 months before the departure, to be sure that I will have the best ticket price. The flight was a little bit tiring, Cody is at 14 hours distance from Paris, but I knew that from the begininig and Cody didn't make me to regret the choise I made. I am passionate about Buffalo Bill movies and the Wild West. I wanted too see if Cody can give me the same vibe. Cody is that city that I was expected to find and even more. The main Cody's attraction is the Old Town, there are more that 20 old buildings with Wild West specific arhitecture. Buffalo Bill is present everywhere in Cody. They have a lot of museums about him and I bought tickets to all of them.

Cody Travel FAQs

Q. What ticket option is the best to take from Europe to Cody?

A. If you want to buy a ticket from Europe to Cody you should take in consideration that are just 2 cities who have direct flights to this city: Paris and Oslo. The tickets from these destinations take less time, but you should be prepared to pay more for the ticket. If you are travelling from another European country to Cody, you can buy a 2 stop-ticket, the avantage is that you'll have a cheaper ticket.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Cody?

You can not go through Cody without confronting the memory of Buffalo Bill, a former rider, soldier, bison hunter, military commander of Scouts, farmer, actor and circus owner. The Cody historic center features five museums that feature Buffalo Bill objects, photographs and costumes from various bull and horse sports competitions.Cody hosts the Rodeo Stampade, organized by the Association of Professional Cowboys, one of the largest in the world, held in Cody since 1919. The ticket prices are affordable. The main attraction in Cody is the Old Town, which comprises over 25 historic buildings with specific wildlife artifacts.

Q. How to buy your ticket to Cody?

A. When it comes to buy your ticket plane, it is better to compare the ticket on different specialized ticket selling sites, to see which one has the best ticket price for Cody. It's a good idea to use aggregator sites for best ticket deals. Keep in mind that the direct tickets between your city and your vacation destination will be the most expensive. Do not avoid flying with a two-stop ticket, even it takes longer, the ticket is cheaper.

Cody - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Cody Wyoming Airport COD (a.k.a Yellowstone Region Airport) ・New York, NY, US (LGA - LaGuardia) ・Los Angeles, CA, US (LAX) ・Paris Charles-De-Gaulle, France, FR (CDG) etc.

Flight Routes to Cody

The closest airport to Cody is Cody Wyoming Airport, which is located at few minutes from downtown Cody. From this airport you can buy direct tickets to big cities in Europe or America. You should know that the tickets from Europe are not cheap, if you want to buy your ticket on last minute. It's better to be organized and take your ticket to Cody in advance. The main airlines from where you can buy your ticket to Cody are Delta Airlines and United Express, but you can find your Cody tickets on economic class, depending the departure country.