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City CodeACT
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Waco is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Waco.


Waco sits along the Brazos River and I-35 - between Dalls and Austin. It is known as the "Heart of Texas". It is the home of Dr. Pepper and the Magnolia Market. And, it has a good number of attractions and activities for tourists that tourists will enjoy for days. Waco is also known for its Suspension Bridge, which was built in 1870 and activities at the Brazos River.

Voice of Travelers to Waco

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"Hello, I'm Jen from Miami. I have to say I had a fun experience from the ticket I booked to Waco. But I'm mostly here because I want to commend American Airlines for their wonderful service. The flight attendants were all friendly, and the food was great. The whole trip was comfortable and relaxed. The whole trip to Waco was safe and sound, the pilot has good flying skills. When I go back to Waco soon, and all my other trips, I'll make sure to book a ticket from them again

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Waco Travel FAQs

Q.What are some of the airlines that I can book a ticket to Waco?

A.One of the major airlines you can book a ticket to waco from is the American Airlines, especially for domestic US flights. Other airlines, especially from around the world, offer a ticket to Waco too. These include: Asiana, United, PAL, and Cathay Pacific.

Q. Planning to book a ticket to Waco, may I know what museums and attractions are in there?

A.There are various museums and attractions in Waco. This include: the Art Center of Waco, Dr. Pepper Museum, Bear Habitat, Earle-Harrison House & Pape Gardens, and the East Terrace. Also, take note, Waco can be a bit busy during summers, so please ensure to book your accommodation before booking a ticket to Waco.

Q. Planning to book a ticket to Waco, may I know what nature-related attractions are in there?

A. The most well-known nature park in Waco is the Bear Habitat. Others are the Cameron Park and Zoo, the Carleen Bright Arboretum, the Pape Gardens, the Indian Spring Park, the Lake Waco Wetlands, and the Waco Riverwalk. Since these are outdoor attractions with outdoor activities, tit is best to book a ticket to Waco during summer or spring. But, take note, Waco can be a bit busy during summers, so please ensure to book your accommodation before booking a ticket to Waco.

Q.I have booked a ticket to Waco for a conference and have afew hours to spare to capture the essence of the city. What quick landmark/attraction do you recommend me to see?

A. Waco has a very distinct identity, it being the home of Dr. Pepper. Even with a ticket to Waco for a conference and limited time for exploring the city, Waco's lifestyle is easy to get and feel. Spend your limited hours at the Dr. Pepper museum, the Suspension Bridge, and the Anthem Artisan Market to get a quick glimpse of the Waco everyday life.

Waco - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Waco Regional Airport •Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Flight Routes to Waco

Waco has a major air route that tourists can book a ticket to - the Waco Regional Airport, which is about a 20-25 min. drive away from downtown Waco and the Baylor University. The airport isat least 5 miles northwest of Waco, in the McLennan County, Texas.