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Altoona (Pennsylvania)

Altoona (Pennsylvania)

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City CodeAOO
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time6~7 hours

The flight time to Altoona (Pennsylvania) is approximately 6~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Altoona (Pennsylvania).


Altoona is located in Blair County within the state of Pennsylvania. Altoona has a population of around 46,320 people as at the last census in 2010. Altona is the eleventh most populous city in the state of Pennsylvania. Altoona is 9.79 squared miles in size. The name Altoona is derived from a Latin word 'altus' which means high up. Alltoona was established as a city in the month of April the year 1967. Altoona has humid continental climate which means the summers are very hot and the winters very cold.

Voice of Travelers to Altoona

Altoona for the weekend

It was June last year when I had just broken up with my fiancee. My friends decided I needed a mini vacay to get my mindset right. The nearest city was Altoona. We decided to visit Altoona for the weekend. The ticket for Altoona was acquired from SPIRIT airlines. They had ticket discounts for group purchases. My four friends and I all got the air ticket, packed light and flew to Altoona. We were to stay in Comfort Suites in Altoona for three days. On arrival since it was a really short flight we started by popping champagne before taking a tour through several tourist attractions in Altoona. We visited the Horseshoe national historic national Park while in Altoona which was quite the experience although we got scared when it got dark and there were no proper lighting. The rest of our stay was filled with loads of champange and laughter, Altoona was quite the trip. We got the ticket back from the same airline to get the ticket discounts as before.

Job transfer to Altoona

Hi my name is Jake Welding. I visited Altoona for the first time when I was given a job transfer to the city. I work for Boyer Candy and I was transferred to the company's main branch in Altoona. I would stay there for three weeks where I was to do audits and counter check certain IT systems while n Altoona. The company got me a first class ticket via Delta airlines. The airplane had the most comfortable seats I dozed off during the whole flight to Altoona. I will definitely purchase and future air ticket from this airline as their services were excemplary good too. After a couple of hours I arrived and was taken to the vacational rental I was to stay in while in Altoona. The weather was extremely hot in Altoona as I went there during the beginning of Summer. I would often visit the Lakemont Park during my stay in Altoona as they had the best coolers and it was right next to my office. When time was up my company booked me a first class ticket viaUnited airlines.

Altoona Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Altoona?

A. When planning a trip anywhere, be sure to get the air ticket within the right season. This might save you ticket costs where peak seasons have higher ticket costs. It may also make your trip more enjoyable as the right season may mean the right weather. The best months to travel to Altoona include August, September and October.

Q. What are the tourist destinations in Altoona?

A. The major tourist destinations where all travelers who have a ticket for Altoona should plan to visit are numerous. Some of the major tourist attractions in Altoona include Horseshoe park national historical park, People's natural gas field, Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum and Lakemont Park Altoona.

Q. What are the list of the major hotels in Altoona?

A. Quality inn & suites, Comfort suites Altoona, Super 8 Altoona, Relax Inn Altoona and Hampton InnAltoona are the five most populous hotels in Altoona. Once you acquire a ticket for this destination select the proper hotel for your accommodation needs.

Altoona - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Altoona–Blair County Airport ・Orlando International Airport ・Logan International Airport ・Baltimore–Washington International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Altoona

The main airport in Altoona is Altoona–Blair County Airport . There are several air routes that will lead you to Altoona. These airroutes are accessible via the several available airlines. The major airlines include SPIRIT, United airlines and Delta airlines. To access these airlines one should acquire an air ticket from the prefferd outlet. Select your air ticket according to the airline that best suits you in terms of price, quality and service.