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City CodeHOU
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Eva Air
Flight Time2~4 hours

The flight time to Houston is approximately 2~4 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Houston.

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Houston is a city in the Harris County in Texas. Houston has a booming diversified industry and is known for its aeronautics, healthcare, sports, fashion, automobile industry, energy industry and many others. Four different bayous run through Houston in different locations of the city. Buffalo Bayou, White Oak Bayou, Brays Bayou and Sims Bayou, are all situated in different corners of the city. The downtown of Houston represents a true urban landscape as it has many tall skyscrapers. So much so, Houston's skyline is regarded is as being the fourth-tallest in all of North America.

Voice of Travelers to Houston

Ticket to see Beyonce!

Hiya, this is Hayley. I am a die hard fan of Beyonce, and my fiancé surprised me with a ticket to not only Beyonce's birthplace, Houston, but also a ticket to her concert in Houston. The way he surprised with the ticket was also very memorable. We were having dinner in a restaurant and he hid the ticket in my napkin. When I took the napkin out to put on my lap, the ticket fell on the ground. I was so happy to see both the airline ticket and the concert ticket. Houston was really amazing and those two tickets were just what I need. The concert happened in the NRG Stadium in Houston and this is where she started her tour. I was so happy I could witness it and also get a little vacation in Houston with my loving fiance.

Holidays in Houston

Hey this is Rebecca. I live in Toronto while my family is in Houston. The ticket to go there is expensive so I don't usually see them. All my friends bought a ticket to visit their family in winter holidays but I was stuck alone. It was December 20, I was searching the web, and I found a ticket for $50 for Houston. It was a round trip ticket too. I was so thrilled to see this ticket, I instantly purchased it, got my bags packed and flew the next day. I didn't even have to print the ticket out as I just used the electronic ticket on my phone. It was great visiting family in Houston and spending Winter in a less chilly climate.

Houston Travel FAQs

Q. Which airline most frequently goes to Houston?

A. United Airline goes most frequently to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Houston is United Airline's second largest passenger hub. United Airlines flies to and from many places in the world. Some places passengers can buy a ticket for from/to Houston iare Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

Q. What are some major tourist attractions in Houston?

A. Houston is an excellent place to visit for families, couples or even single people. Architecture and culture enthusiasts will love downtown Houston filled with historic architecture. Surrounded by many rivers, Houston is also a great scenic spot for biking and hosting picnics. Space Center Houston, Fine Arts Museum, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Houston Zoo are some famous tourist attractions. You can purchase a separate ticket for each location or buy CityPass ticket booklets that will allow you to avail all attractions at discounted rates.

Q. How is public transit in Houston?

A. The subway system in Houston is excellent and allows people to travel freely around the city. This METROrail service runs from the city to downtown and covers a large area of tourist attractions. A day pass can also be purchased for this METROrail for a discounted ticket. There are also regular bus services offered in Houston. The cab service is also regularly used because of its cheap rate. All in all, there are plenty of ways to get by in Houston and explore the city with ease.

Houston - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to George Bush Intercontinental Airport ・Los Angeles International Airport ・Vancouver International Airport ・Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Houston

Houston has 3 busy airports therefore there are numerous air routes available for the city. There are upto 700 flights daily in these airports so passengers have plenty of options to choose an airline ticket from. Airlines offering direct a ticket to Houston include Spirit Airline, United Airline, Delta, Aeromexico, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates. People can buy ticket from any of these airlines and fly directly from different places. Places that people can buy a ticket to fly from include Istanbul, Singapore, Mexico City, Doha, Calgary, Toronto, Atlanta, London, Tokyo and Manchester.