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Gustavus (Alaska)

Gustavus (Alaska)

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City CodeGST
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time5~14 hours

The flight time to Gustavus (Alaska) is approximately 5~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Gustavus (Alaska).

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Gustavus is a city in Alaska. Gustavus was formerly known as Strawberry Point but the name changed in 1925 as the Unites States post office required it to be changed for its new post office. The size of Gustavus is 36.9 square meters. As at 2016, Gustavus had a population of 428. Gustavus is surrounded on three sides by Glacier Bay National Park and one side by water. The only way to get to Gustavus is through plane or ship. Gustavus location which is coastal gives it a mild winter and generally it has a wet, maritime subarctic climate. Gustavus has interesting activities to do such as picnics, whale watching, watching the sun rise over the mountains. It is a very calm and isolated city.

Voice of Travelers to Gustavas

Adventurous trip to Gustavus with my husband

My name is Ann. My husband and I are adventure seekers and we travel a lot and we were reaching a point that we wanted to travel to a different kind of destination. We picked Gustavus because of its unique geography and small population. We booked our ticket using Alaska Airlines to Gustavus as well as the return ticket from Gustavus. On the second day after arrival in Gustavus, our first stop was the Glacier Bay National Park Reserve. We were amazed by the sheer size of the park which stretches over 3.3 million acres, its pristine lakes and abundant wildlife. We were very happy to have experienced a different type of trip.

Trip to Gustavus with workmates

My workmates and I were ticking visiting Gustavus off the bucket list. We booked the ticket through Alaska Airline and we also booked the return ticket through Alaska Airline as well. We got to stay at the Bear Track Inn which was wonderful. The staff was very polite and kind and provided outdoor wear. The staff also arranged for outdoor activities every day. The activities we did while at Gustavus were kayaking, whale watching, glacier watching and fishing. Gustavus was a wonderful experience.

Gustavas Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to travel to Gustavus?

A. Gustavus experiences a lot of rainfall even in the driest months with the driest month in Gustavus being February. Average rainfall in Gustavus in the year being 1007 mm. The warmest month in Gustavus is July therefore one can book their ticket to Gustavus during this period. January is the coldest month. Therefore, the months to try and avoid booking a ticket is January.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Gustavus?

A. There are not many tourist attractions in Gustavus. There is the Glacier Bay National Park Reserve that covers 5,130 square miles and was declared a national monument in 1925. It became a part of a binational UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 and a Biosphere Reserve in 1986. Travelers need to know that it reachable by air travel or by ship. The other sites that travelers may visit while at Gustavus are the Nature Conservancy’s Forelands Preserve and the Tongass National Forest. Other activities that travelers may do while at Gustavus are whale watching, kayaking, white water rafting and fishing.

Q. How much is a ticket for Gustavus?

A. A ticket for Gustavus will vary in prices depending on the airline. The price of a ticket for Gustavus that airlines display will be different from the ticket price of another airline. Check the websites of these airlines to get the exact price of a ticket for Gustavus. If you travelling on a budget to Gustavus, remember that the best time to buy a ticket is the off peak season which is when a ticket is cheaper. A ticket will also vary in prices depending on the season and flight time.

Gustavas - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Gustavus AK Airport ・Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ・Juneau International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Gustavas

There are quite a number of air routes that can take you to Gustavus. The major airlines where one can acquire a ticket for Gustavus for include Alaska Airlines, Air Excursions, Kalinin Airlines, Alaska Seaplanes, and Wings of Alaska. To purchase a ticket for Gustavus one can either contact either of the airlines listed on their way to Gustavus or search their websites that display ticket fares. To get ticket rates for Gustavus search from ticket service providers who display ticket fare costs from different airlines. These websites also assist the traveler to compare ticket costs for Gustavus.